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TechCrunch The risk is that by relying on such tools, humans will lose expertise
Machine Intelligence In The Real World
In the past few years, I’ve been laser-focused on machine intelligence. I’ve talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs, researchers and investors about helping..
TieroTiero Donde Stas Simone Giacomelli
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Clear thinking needed
Global warming cannot be dealt with using today’s tools and mindsets. So create some new ones
3 hours ago
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Mago Comodedo Asmodeo Profesor Fue Grabado Abusando De Su Alumna En La Escuela VIDEO AQUI
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The Economist Global warming cannot be dealt with using today's tools and mindsets. So we need to create some new ones
Climate change: the world and its leaders need more ambition and more realism
Global warming cannot be dealt with using today’s tools and mindsets. So create some new ones
9 hours ago
David Harris I will be glad to share with you an app to see how viewed your facebook profile, visit my profile and download it.
Anthony Testa A bigger hoax
Alexander Pfeiffer Penny - new tools and mindsets, eh ;)
Andrea Hasbun Global warming? Wasn't it climate change now? Happy Thanksgiving!
Uplifting Holiday Fashion: Colorful Halters for 'Pendulous' Turkeys
A look back at a Texas woman who turned to tools of the lingerie trade for the birds on her farm
11 hours ago
Mashable - Business Sometimes we just have to make do with the tools we're given.
5 apps to turn your smartphone into a personal assistant
The best apps that double as a personal assistants.
12 hours ago
Inc. Magazine Accessories you can use.
5 Tools to Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter
You think your mobile device can do a lot? With just a few accessories it can do much, much more.
12 hours ago
Daily Mail So this is where ISIS have been hiding
Network of tunnels built by ISIS discovered underneath Iraqi town
Around 40 underground routes were found in Sinjar, complete with sleeping quarters, electricity and even American-made bomb making tools.
13 hours ago
Sarthak Upmanyu Q: Why did the Muslim go to the airport and blow himself up? A: He wanted to go everywhere.
Ste Webb Nothing shocking here, Its what rats do dig tunnels and underground networks ....
Joanne Siviour Go get then
Sreenath S Sreenath Like hamas tunnels
Maurice Sentance Sewer rats
Rajeev Nayar Rats belong in holes!!
Anuj Velji Pray for Tunisia's recent victims of terrorism. But you won't hear about that because they're not white.
Vedasto Effiom This is pathetic and shocking... Humans now animals.... I don't get this
Harry Edwards This proves ISIS are Viet Cong, not Muslims.
Jess Davies They've also been hiding in our towns and communities too >.>
MSN News By suspending these accounts, Facebook has hindered one of Indian country’s most effective tools to detect and prevent potential youth suicide.
Facebook fix to 'real names' policy is crucial for young Native Americans
On March 21, Navajo activist and social worker Amanda Blackhorse learned her Facebook account had been suspended.
13 hours ago
The New York Times Google has new tools to help people find directions without the fear of data overage charges.
With Google’s Offline Maps, Getting Around Gets Cheaper
Google is rolling out a set of tools designed to help millions of travelers figure out where to go, when to go and how to get there.
18 hours ago
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Techmeme "By correlating their data with information from internet-wide scan tools – and – the researchers determined they had uncovered private keys for 3.2 million HTTPS hosts, or nine per cent of all HTTPS hosts on the web. Private k Read more ... eys for more than six per cent of all Secure Shell (SSH) hosts on the web – 0.9 million hosts – were also uncovered during the research." Study of 4000 embedded devices from over 70 vendors shows reused crypto keys leave millions of devices insecure, only 5 vendors known to have fixes on the way (Thomas Fox-Brewster / Forbes)
1 day ago
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