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Lifehacker No need to go to those web sites packed with ads.
Speedster Is a Native App for Testing Internet Speeds on Mac
Mac: There are plenty of browser tools out there for testing your internet speed, but they’re usually filled with obnoxious ads. If you’d prefer a native app, Speedster is free and does its job well.
48 minutes ago
Jezebel "I’ve been utilizing some simple, elegant and very effective tools to get my message out, of course including something so simple as wearing a rubber boot on my head”
Meet Vermin Supreme, Pro-Pony Presidential Candidate and My New Friend
On the way to New Hampshire, my friend Joanna and I listened to a radio segment about a man named Vermin Supreme, a performance artist and political satirist who wears a boot as a hat and is running for president for the 7th time on his“pony econom Read more ... y” platform. “Vermin Supreme—find him,” I typed in my phone.
8 hours ago
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Matt Saraceno
Matt Saraceno
Amanda Ornelas I'd still vote for him over Trump. #verminsupreme2016
Monty Secor #FeelTheVerm
Jessie Watsabaugh I smoked a blunt with this man in New Mexico at a rainbow gathering several years ago. He's great.
Liz Burns Vermin Supreme! Glad to see he's still around.
Daniëlle Suurlant I feel like where-ever he is now, Terry Pratchett approves.
Brittany-Nicole Camberlen Justine Curry
NPR Americans have $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. Do you know some of the repayment help available to you?
Confused About Your Student Loans? You're Not Alone
Here are the tips, tools and calculators that can help make sense of all that debt.
8 hours ago
Sugei Ruiz de Jesus Orrible: Mira como este Anciano De 87 Años de edad, Abusa sexualmente de su Ahijastra de 15 años en su misma casa mira el video aqui.. ——>>
Jeff Bowerman Confused? What's confusing? You decided to go to college, you now have a an adult and pay for it.
Dominic Powell So thankful to have paid mine off in the past few months! 2 degrees and 15 years later.
April Gabriel-Ferretti Chris Ferretti
Corey Cantkeepquiet Austin Why dont the banks that own this debt invest to create opportunities in which the population can pay their debts?
Tricia Maniaci Unless - you went to a for-profit school and the only options they gave for financial aid help were private loans via Salle Mae/Navent. No payment plans available. Pay up or you default and your credit is ruined.
Joan M. Edwards I had to repay every cent of mine, unfortunately, because I am.old. So grateful there are programs available to help.students now.
Brian Perfect Confused at the smile you get in the bursars office.
Joseph Western Not as confused as Sallie Mae... I stopped paying them.
Mother Nature Network Planning a garden for the first time? We've got you covered.
15 handy online tools for gardeners
We've pulled together some go-to online resources for the first-time gardener.
1 day ago
Poppy Sunley Victoria Elizabeth Watkins x
HuffPost Education "How about we just teach our young boys what respect and love are truly about and give them the tools to make good decisions?"
Boys, Come Date My Daughters
I grew up in a house full of brothers. There were black eyes and broken windows, a garage overflowing with every sports related implement and a fridge that had to be stocked constantly as our bod...
2 days ago
Lifehacker Its dense and requires some learning, but it seems pretty powerful.
Hammerspoon Is Powerful, Free Automation Tool for OS X
Mac: There’s all kinds of automation tools on OS X, from the built-in Automator to commercial options like Keyboard Maestro. Hammerspoon’s another tool that sits in the same space, but works a little more like something like AutoHotKey.
2 days ago
Techmeme "[Designers] can manipulate objects with hand motions — 'grabbing' a piece of architecture to move it, or using a two-handed version of the touchscreen's "pinch and zoom" gesture to stretch or shrink them. For more complicated operations, they'll b Read more ... e able to bring up handheld versions of the flatscreen interface, similar to the way that users of the Tilt Brush or Medium art tools can bring up a virtual palette."
Epic's Unreal Editor now allows game developers to create environments through a VR headset
Adi Robertson / The Verge
The Unreal Engine now lets you build games inside virtual reality — Epic's Unreal Engine has supported making virtual reality games for some time.
2 days ago
Inc. Magazine Give yourself more time for the things that matter.
10 Tools That Entrepreneurs Can Use to Automate Their Business
Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough without the extra menial day-to-day tasks.
2 days ago
Kennedy M Nganga act
Fast Company Until now, VR developers had to use outside editing tools. Epic promises this will be more efficient and intuitive.
3 days ago
Chris Smith bam. done. VR and video games are the same thing now/again/for the first time.
Mei Feng Health Tools for Fitbit Activity Trackers by Jaiyo
Health Tools for Fitbit Activity Trackers on the App Store
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Health Tools for Fitbit Activity Trackers. Download Health Tools for Fitbit Activity Trackers and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
3 days ago
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