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Sean Tobin I don't normally comply to these modern trends but since I was nominated twice by Laura Rooney and Keith Brady I said I better do my own spin off of this ice bucket challenge. I nominated Shane O Rourke Shona Keaney Gavin Boyle Aoife Lynch Seán Show Read more ... time Gaffney Myrna Duignan Andrew Nando Tormey Aoife Quig.. 24 HOURS!! Enjoy :)
Diann Stratton LOL bullying gone wrong n got tht ass wiped
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8 minutes ago
Kia Turner Lmfaooooo! Messin wit that girl, cause she though she was tight and got that ass wooped! Hahaha her and all her friends felt soooo dumb… fa real. Watch who h bully, u might catch them hands!
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17 minutes ago
Fluency MC Teachers and students WORLDWIDE: RESPECT and CONNECT! Hey, Tunisia. Respect and connect. Across countries and cultures our intellects intersect. We're holding it down to raise each other up, letting learning erupt. Come and fill up your cup. It's F Read more ... luency MC in the place to be, feeling the high energy of La Tunisie. Tunisian students and teachers, I'm thrilled to be with them. Thanks to Gallery Languages and the Space of Wisdom, led by Salwa Abid. With C the P, we take the lead, moving ahead at top speed, giving learners what they need to gain unlimited access. From Tunis to Sfax, it's on in Djerba and Sousse; we're turning fun in learning loose in every spot that we can. Don't be mistaken. Gafsa, Gabes, Bizerte, Msakken, and Nabeul. We're bringing motivation to the table because once you're engaged, your brain's no longer caged. You can grow what you know out on the world stage. Hey, Tunisia. Respect and connect. Across countries and cultures our intellects intersect. We're holding it down to raise each other up, letting learning erupt. Come and fill up your cup. They say, 'strike when the iron's hot' and it's aflame! Across North Africa they know my name. Fluency MC is building crazy game with Strategos, DJ Ghost, and MK catching fame. With Collo and Spark, I shifted out of park. Here we go. In Morocco, I left my mark. Greeted Tunisia, and when I disembarked, it was on from the start: hit it out of the park. Took a plane to Bahrain to teach and entertain. At dawn I was gone, woke up in Oman; then to the Holyland and on to Jordan. This is much more than a trend; it won't end; we'll keep soaring. The family spirit is spreading far and wide. Learning through fun is being magnified, even dignified as we multiply; so many passionate learners are along for the ride. I'll be your guide and remain at your side and provide the support that will quicken your stride. I'd never abandon you, never leave you hanging; come with lessons that are heat and beats that are banging. I'm in this to win this, committed long-term. With the Fluency Fam, you know my team's confirmed. Tunisia, I needed you. I had to return. Yo, Globe: I'm going to show you how to flow while you learn. If you're not having fun, you ought to be concerned. Take the stress out of your lessons when you teach (taught, taught) because the blessings we've got are our kids and their thoughts become the seeds that are planted for their deeds of tomorrow. It's time to invest, not to beg or borrow. Follow Jase, with haste your base will grow when you collo. Hey, Tunisia. Respect and connect. Across countries and cultures our intellects intersect. We're holding it down to raise each other up,letting learning erupt. Come and fill up your cup.
Fluency MC Respect Tunisia
LYRICS: Fluency MC MUSIC: DJ Ghost EDITING and MIXING : Montassar khalfallah COLOR: Bilel Kharbout PHOTOGRAPHY : Montassar khalfallah DIRECTED BY Mohamed Mis...
30 minutes ago
Adela Ancuta
Patrick Stewart ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-Pstew ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Patrick Stewart ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-Pstew ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Patrick Stewart ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-Pstew ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Patrick Stewa...
30 minutes ago
3TV Phoenix We're less than 30 minutes away...they're all prepped and ready to go! Even had some time to chat with Monica from Hot 97.5/103.9 Trending Radio... Tune in from 12:30-2:30 and help save some lives!!!
32 minutes ago
Miguel Gamillo Why does every girl want to have a damn Michael Kors Purse or watch??? That's not only WACK and Tacky but why would you want to have and wear what everyone else has. Be a trend setter, be unique, go and buy something that's not name brand like at a Read more ... botique or something but damn stop following what everyone else is doing. SMH.. #NoOriginality #SheepGoingToSheep #BeALeaderNotAFollower #OverIt
34 minutes ago
The Dayton Art Institute The first of this fall's Vine & Canvas wine tastings takes place on Thursday, September 4. Find out "What's Trending" in wine & art with a docent-led tour of works in The DAI's collection, followed by a wine tasting in the Shaw Gothic Cloister. Seati Read more ... ng is limited & previous tastings sold out, so don't wait to order your tickets!
Vine & Canvas: Wine Tasting Series | Dayton Art Institute
Great art meets great wine in this exciting new series! Take a themed, docent-led tour of works in The DAI's permanent collection, followed by a related wine tasting.
36 minutes ago
Ron Casey
Here's the new trend.
For this, I'm challenging Cameron Stovall Malik S. King John Maurice Harris Jonesy Jones
36 minutes ago
Amit Mandvikar Ice bucket challenge. What??? Challenge Accepted!!!! I nominate Mangesh Nijasure , Nachiket Patwardhan, and Sachin Gandhi to continue this awesome trend. You have 24 hrs to complete the challenge and/or donate to a charity or your choosing.
38 minutes ago
Top Trending He's trying to save him...
39 minutes ago
Aveion Jones AV Tha Landlord:Rent Due Promo.....AMB/CEA ......set trends don't follow them.....The Originator has awaken...Rent Due!
40 minutes ago
Vanquish the Foe Can the Cougars change the pattern?
BYU Football: Bucking the Trend
Can BYU change their ways in 2014?
40 minutes ago
Trending Vines https://vine.co/v/MLFtZqh5mIb
42 minutes ago
Carl Boo Nelson Who remember this
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48 minutes ago
Niket Choudhary Though its lame, still Sankalp Gera i have completed the #aslicebucketchallenge. Keeping the trend alive I nominate Palak Choudhary , Anilesh Yadav and Deepak Girotra to take the challenge.. take ur time guys but do it.
48 minutes ago
Rossano Ross Tifi www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXkSYwSP2hM
54 minutes ago
FansofDavid Archuleta Wishing everyone a Super Saturday and a very happy weekend! Thanks again to everyone who helped to coordinate the trending party and to Pocoelsy for her wonderful graphics! Can’t wait for new music – and it’s seems to be just around the corne Read more ... r! We’re excited & impatient just like Stephanie’s dad! Closing with a Throw-Back vid from 5 years ago – basically baby David doing a radio show game where you have to sing along to a song, but you can’t hear yourself singing. Love his hand gestures & super smiley face! He certainly did justice to Jason Mraz’s song! Joanie will be back tomorrow with the Sunday post! David Archuleta – I’m Yours (credit: waytokim) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ur0OqF6VyPc
David Archuleta - I'm Yours
"The radio station was playing a game where the earphones are turned up when you are performing so you can't hear yourself. It thus becomes very hard to stay...
57 minutes ago
Giles Hayward Don't forget the reason people are doing this!!
TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO GOT MAD AT ME FOR THIS VIDEO: Since the ice bucket challenge began, over 15 million dollars has been raised for ALS research. I think that's great, but when you consider the countless A-list celebrities who have actively gotten Read more ... behind this cause by posting videos-- the fact that not more than fifteen million dollars has been raised is a tragedy. It's tragic because I don't think many of those celebrities even bothered to mention how or where to donate money for ALS research. Most of them just poured water over their heads and named three random people, without including any "call to action" which actually benefits victims of ALS at all. Had all those celebrities given this cause any thought, hundreds of millions of dollars might have been raised, and a whole lot more awareness. Let's start a new trend-- by actually letting people know how to donate-- visit this page: http://www.alsa.org/donate/ I'm nowhere near as rich or famous as many of the folks you've seen pour water on their heads, but I cared enough to get educated and donate one thousand dollars of my hard-earned money to http://www.alsa.org/donate/ With love, Steve-O
59 minutes ago
Chris Rodgers Yes, Swan girls and Leanne, I finally accepted your ALS Ice Water Challenge. Now, as you will see, I nominate my nephews, Matt and John Rodgers (that should be interesting), Terrie Travisono (my wild and crazy coworker) and another co-worker's son w Read more ... ho spent some summer days with us at the office, Gregory Jordan. Oh yeah, and a former wild and crazy co-worker (yep, it seems to be a trend around me...lol) Kim Sandhaaland. The film editor must have accidentally cut out the part where I mentioned her name, but trust me, it was there...lol. Now, you all know what you need to do. ENJOY!!! LOL
1 hour ago
Kiyre Crawford She needs to retire#
I guess this video is trending
1 hour ago
Joana Silva Yes! I´m a Certified Instructor! AntiGravity Fitness
AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga on Trends with Benefits
Christopher Harrison runs through the many benefits of AntiGravity® Fitness on "Trends with Benefits."
1 hour ago
Keneth Kenny Jackson Please pass this along. If you ask me, this challenge is as powerful as the ALS challenge. We need to keep our young black men ALIVE and to do that they need to work on themselves first and not point a finger all the darn time. #PULLYOURDARNPANTSUP
Here's the new trend.
For this, I'm challenging Cameron Stovall Malik S. King John Maurice Harris Jonesy Jones
1 hour ago
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