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Little Mix Fancy having a first look at the new Salute single cover? Course you do! Let's get an army of Mixers to tweet #WeWantToSeeTheSaluteCover and get it trending worldwide and its all yours! Mixers HQ x https://twitter.com/LittleMix
16 minutes ago
Jezebel Not wearing makeup is not wearing makeup. It doesn't have to be a big deal.
No, Not Wearing Makeup Is Not a 'Trend' or 'Laziness'
"Not wearing makeup: is it feminism, laziness or the rise of cosmetic normcore?" wonders Slate. Huh. Good question: having a face and not smearing cosmetics upon it: is it a political statement, sloth, or, uh, some kind of weird fashion thing? Or cou Read more ...
ld be it be some strange, unheard-of fourth option... such as being a human in possession of a face who doesn't feel the need to apply products to it, and it is really just not a big deal?
23 minutes ago
I Support Narendra Modi I am afraid if any public figure ask about how he become AAP member he might be prosecuted like Kiran Bedi on social Media. My question to every AAP supporters “Just because kiran bedi supported narender modi and criticized AAP,AAP supporters tre Read more ...
nding #YoBediSoJealous . Heard Ashutosh on times now “she must be taught a lesson” and more surprised that Arvind has never asked him to apologize #shameful” Now look at following tweets from #YoBediSoJealous trended by AAP supporters on Kiran Bedi. Attacking her personal life in vengeance because she criticized AAP and Arvind? This clearly shows the mindset of AAP supporters and its ministers towards women and irony they talk about respecting women. On January 18th Kiran Bedi twitted on her official account favoring Mr. Modi as PM of this Country. Supporting @narendramodi is a sacred call! To save ourselves from a HUNG Parliament! Yes I Am in a bandwagon–of India First!India Secure! On January 20 Kiran Bedi twitted criticizing AK (leader of AAP). If someone go through her Time Line on Twitter it was very constructive criticism rather than allegation. Kiran Bedi @thekiranbedi I have no problems with AK as some of his followers are alleging.i am distraught with his unlawful and unruly behaviour as a CM voted in. App supporters trending # YoBediSoJealous http://thetopperslist.com/random/respect-for-a-woman-depends-whether-she-supports-aap-or-arvind/
Respect for a woman depends whether she supports AAP or Arvind | The Toppers List, Latest News,...
On January 18th Kiran Bedi twitted on her official account favoring Mr. Modi as PM of this Country. Kiran Bedi @thekiranbediJan Supporting @narendramodi i
24 minutes ago
The WorldPost A look at the weird and wonderful craze that's on the rise in Tokyo.
Here’s Japan’s latest trend: ‘Zentai’
It's what it looks like: body suits. And lots of them. It's a small craze in Japan but spreading.
32 minutes ago
Native News Online Trending - In case you missed this:
Little Indians
Little Indians
36 minutes ago
Jalopnik There has to be a better way.
This Is The Worst New Trend In Car Interior Design
I have accepted that center-mounted displays screens in cars, touch or otherwise, are not going anywhere. But why do so many of them look like they've just been tacked on as an afterthought? It looks terrible.
46 minutes ago
Telugu Filmnagar Enjoy the most trending theme song of the season. Here's #KillBillPandey theme featuring Brahmanandam & #AlluArjun! #RaceGurram
Race Gurram Kill Bill Pandey Theme Song - Allu Arjun, Shruti Haasan, Surender Reddy, Shaam
Watch Race Gurram Kill Bill Pandey theme song / intro song starring Allu Arjun, Shruti Haasan, Shaam, Saloni Aswani & Prakash Raj among others, directed by S...
1 hour ago
Time Out New York Which will be worse for your waistline - buttered coffee, or the new doughnut-finding app?
Buttered coffee and a new doughnut-finder app: Is getting fat the next big New York trend?
If you ever need to know where to find the city's best doughnuts, we've got the list right here.
3 hours ago
CNNMoney.com There's a #Divergent trend in the stock market. It's not a good sign...
Is the bull market almost done?
A glaring divergence between new highs and the overall market could spell trouble
4 hours ago
Robert Reich Now on Netflix (just click below), iTunes, DVD, and On Demand. The next presidential election must be about the increasing concentration of wealth and power at the top, the decreasing economic well-being and disenfranchisement of everyone else, and w Read more ...
hat must be done to reverse these trends. Otherwise, we all lose.
Inequality for All
Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich makes a compelling case about the serious crisis the U.S. faces due to the widening economic gap.
4 hours ago
Slate.com "Buy these books and you, too, can become a successful blowhard." http://slate.me/1j2JxTo
Latest Publishing Trend: Books That Teach Women to Be Overconfident Blowhards, Just Like Men
In 2009, Cameron Anderson, a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business, decided to run an experiment on his students. He gave them a “list of historical names and events, and asked them to tick off the ones they Read more ...
knew.” But he also stacked the deck...
5 hours ago
Fortune Magazine Will regular brick-and-mortar stores survive? - http://bit.ly/1eWTEGN
3 big retail trends to watch for - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blogTerm Sheet
However much technology has disrupted the retail industry, brick and mortar stores are here to stay. By Barbara Kahn The future of retail FORTUNE – The Internet has upended nearly every industry, but...
5 hours ago
Thought Catalog
7 Beauty Trends Mall People Embrace (Which You Should Avoid)
Some of these people have a personal style that should have stopped in 1992.
6 hours ago
Arun Jaitley The Campaign Diary – 17th April, 2014 Fair but not Vindictive Narendra Modi, the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate, in an interview to the television news agency ANI made a significant comment. The next government will function on po Read more ...
sitive agenda and not be vindictive. India is changing. The people are becoming restless. The aspirational class is expanding. People expect to live in a system where the quality of their life is significantly enhanced. The new generation is looking for education, jobs, housing, health care and hygiene. They want politics to ensure the delivery mechanism instead of being just a slugfest between the parties. Under these circumstances, governments will be remembered by their performance and achievements and not by the political battles that they fought against their rivals. This is not to suggest that law must not be followed. If people have committed offences, they must be objectively investigated by independent agencies. Institutional independence and professionalism has to be ensured. Agencies must be run by men of integrity, independent of political interference. If the future government can ensure this, it would have done its bit. Voters are not “Ullu” With 121 Parliamentary constituencies going to poll today, almost half of India would have voted in 2014 general elections. What are the trends? The Third Front or the Federal Front is the non-starter. The Congress lags far behind. The NDA is the only combination which has a real chance of forming the government. Besides the usual emphasis on the anti-incumbency against the UPA, national mood is in favour of Narendra Modi. An issue that concerns the average Indian is who will provide a stable government. The answer to the question squarely helps the BJP and NDA. Rahul Gandhi must accept that people are angry with the Congress. They are not “Ullus” when they vote against the Congress. The prospects of defeat should not make a leader loose his graciousness. Those who vote against the Congress may have good reasons to do so. The angry voter is not a four letter word that Rahul Gandhi has chosen to describe them.
6 hours ago
KTIV News Channel Four What's Trending Vice President Joe Biden makes his instagram debut. Biden joined the social media site on Wednesday and he's already posted a selfie. http://www.ktiv.com/story/25271506/2014/04/17/whats-trending-obama-biden-selfie
What's Trending: Obama Biden selfie
In today's what's trending Vice President Joe Biden makes his instagram debut.Biden joined the social media site on Wednesday and he's already posted a selfie.
7 hours ago
Jezebel Bindi trend-sporters aren't celebrating a cultural symbol. They're celebrating themselves and the thought-of-it-first appeal of disposable fashion.
Take That Dot Off Your Forehead and Quit Trying to Make Bindis Happen
Another year, another Coachella, another trend mired in cultural appropriation. It's the true circle of life. You can almost watch the fixed gears of hipster logic grind: Now that Native American headdresses are offensive, we need to snatch some cool Read more ...
novelty from another culture. And so it came to be that bindis were a hit at Coachella.
7 hours ago
98.5 KVOO Okay, okay...How many of YOU have done this?~Rowdy http://www.jrn.com/kfaq/now-trending/Man-hit-with-525-fine-for-refilling-his-soda-without-paying-255675791.html
Man hit with $525 fine for refilling his soda without paying
South Carolina construction worker also lost his job as a result of the ‘theft.’
8 hours ago
WYFF News 4 When do you plan to put away your winter coats for the season?
After morning chill, warming trend begins
The Carolinas and Northeast Georgia have a final morning of freezing temperatures to get through before spring starts to emerge, again.
8 hours ago
96.1 WEFM TRENDING TOPIC- Excuses you were given after bad sex! Post your comments or tweet us @961wefm
8 hours ago
Crossfire S.E. Cupp: Selfies are more than a silly trend, they reflect the millennial attitude. Do you agree? http://cnn.it/1r0lYxm
Generation Selfie: We do it better
The selfie is more than a silly teenage trend. It's the millennial calling card: they can do it better themselves....
11 hours ago
Complex Magazine These two d*cks are back destroying hypebeasts, merking dreams, and sharing the hottest trends in fashion. http://cmplx.it/Qrrb62
11 hours ago
Tim and Jeff in the Morning If you work with #SocialMedia, I think you might enjoy my analysis of this crazy US Airways #LadyPlane story. PS - Can we please get #LadyPlane trending?
US Airways Says Social Media Person Who Tweeted Nasty Plane Pic Won't Be Fired
Wow... good for US Airways.
12 hours ago
CDC This week’s MMWR summarizes FoodNet trends in foodborne illness for 2013. Salmonella infections down 9%; Vibrio up 32%: http://go.usa.gov/kX94.
12 hours ago
Marc Malkin Valerie Harper update: While in New York to promote her two episode story arc on Hallmark Channel's new Original Series, SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED, Valerie Harper had to confront a startling magazine headline declaring that she is cancer free. The e Read more ...
rroneous headline is speeding through entertainment news so much so that Ms. Harper is currently trending on Twitter. Hallmark Channel has obtained a statement for all media uses from the iconic TV star that she wishes to make available to correct the news. Here it is: "In response to a recent erroneous quote concerning my health, I am not ‘absolutely cancer-free.’ I wish I were. Right now what I am is cautiously optimistic about my present condition and I have hope for the future,” Valerie Harper. SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED premieres Sunday night @ 8p/7c exclusively on Hallmark Channel.
13 hours ago
TheStreet.com If you take a #selfie to support a good cause, does that make you vain or selfless?
Timeline Photos
Newly popular charity trends, like "selfies to raise awareness," make you wonder, is this altruism or vanity? http://trib.al/oELGYlW
14 hours ago
Motor Authority Now trending on MA: Lease a 2014 Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger and automatically get upgraded to the new 2015 model next year.
Dodge Launches 'Double-Up' One-Year Lease On 2014 Challenger, Charger
The introduction of a new or refreshed version of a car usually leaves dealers scrambling to get rid of old stock. It's hard to sell yesterday's model when tomorrow's is new and improved. As it prepares to launch the refreshed 2015 Dodge Challenger a Read more ...
nd Charger at the 2014 New York Auto Show...
14 hours ago
Nazriya 360º Trending in Youtube. watch it, in case u missed it! Trailer of #Santhanam starer #VPA
Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham Official Trailer | Santhanam
Watch the official Trailer of Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham starring Santhanam, Ashna Zaveri Movie - Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham Music - Siddarth Vipin Starr...
14 hours ago
Co.Create It's nice to see that instead of "gay panic" jokes, today's dude-humor seems to be trending toward one guy getting upset because Zac Efron gives his buddy a lap dance instead of him.
Watch Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Audition to Be "Workaholics" Bros' Cubicle Neighbors
The next stop on Seth Rogen and Zac Efron's promotional Neighbors tour.
14 hours ago
Science News Magazine It turns out that when people buck the facial hair trend, they may end up making themselves more attractive. A new study published April 16 in Biology Letters shows that either clean-shaven or fully bearded looks become more attractive when they are Read more ...
rare in the population.
That beard is only hot because it’s not cool | Science News
There’s more to facial hair than whether you can grow it. A new study shows that attractiveness increases when your style of facial hair is rare.
15 hours ago
Representative Stephen F. Lynch Congressman Lynch joins Adriana Cohen and Joe Battenfeld on Boston Herald Radio's "Trending Now." Tune in now to hear him discuss his recent trip to Ukraine, Afghanistan and Israel and other current issues.
16 hours ago
The Bag Snob Short hair, don’t care? I do! I’ve been thinking about going under the scissors for months now, but a shoulder length cut takes a certain hair texture to pull off – one that I don’t have. With my stick straight and heavy locks, I would come o Read more ...
ut looking like a librarian (not a bad thing, just not what I’m in the mood for...
Trend Alert: The Shoulder Length Haircut • Snob Essentials
The latest celebrity trend? Shoulder length haircuts!
16 hours ago
CNNMoney.com New York's newest trend: Glow sticks, heavy remixes, getting down on the dance floor at nightclubs, all for your kid.
New York's hottest nightclub... for kids
Fuzipop holds monthly dance events for kids at some of Manhattan's hottest nightclubs.
16 hours ago
Sahil Jagtiani The latest trending fashion in India today is not Armani, Sabhyasachi or Gucci piece, its an Inked Finger. Go vote and make a difference, we just did!
17 hours ago
A Haunted House TODAY! Tune in at 2:30pm PST, HERE, on the official #AHauntedHouse2 Facebook page to watch our YouTube Live stream with Affion Crockett and Marlon Wayans hosted by What's Trending! Head to Twitter and ask your questions for the using the hashtag #AH Read more ...
17 hours ago
KCCI It will be a bit cooler today, but changes are coming.
Warming trend, showers ahead
Temperatures will be on the rise, but storm chances will as well.
19 hours ago
Indiatimes Get your dose of all that's trending in #Elections2014 only on Indiatimes.com! Log on to http://www.indiatimes.com/lok-sabha-elections-2014/
16th Lok Sabha Elections 2014 News, Videos, Photos
View Lok Sabha Elections 2014 latest news with updates, videos and photos at Indiatimes.com
21 hours ago
Kelly Osbourne Today's #springflingŠ A trend sweeping dancing floors everywhere: WHITE GIRL DANCINGŠ http://bit.ly/1medXET
1 day ago
David duChemin "Anybody taking pictures can copy trends or styles... Only a vision - that is what one must have." ~ Ernst Haas
1 day ago
Khloe Kardashian My favorite subtly sexy trend... http://bit.ly/1hKJ9sdfe
1 day ago
Shira Lazar The lovely folks The Webby Awards nominated What's Trending for 2 awards- you support and vote would mean a lot. It's easy too - just a click! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DN0m8Yp2CQs
Vote For Us! We're nominated for 2 Webby Awards!
We've been nominated for two Webby Awards! As the epitome of professionalism, What's Trending needs you (and all your friends, coworkers, etc...) to vote for...
2 days ago
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