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Gabrielle Wallack Tru Dat!
Luisa Villa Diana this is u
Clotilde Hidalgo Valerie Iridian Stephanie I need professional help
Clotilde Hidalgo Stephanie so me!
NBC News He's ticking off items from his policy to do list and bucket list at the same time.
President Obama's New Frontiers: Alaska, Selfies
The president visiting the remote villages of Dillingham and Kotzebue in Alaska for the first time Wednesday, but also posting an online travelogue...
Alex Heravi You are so awesome President Barack Obama, thank you .. sorry about all the racist people ...
Becky West You should be backing our Nations Police Officers/LEOs instead of golfing and renaming Mountains You, Obama are a DISGRACE to the United States of America, or should I say the DIVIDED States of America, THANKS TO YOU!!!! You are a True POS
Anne Allen Schmidt What a bunch of bitchers and moaners. We'll have another Democrat in office after the next election and you'll get to do it all over again. Rinse and repeat.
Matt Wolf Healer Muyres This is a good move for a president. Alaska is important. Keep it away from climate deniers.
Emmanuel Klironomos our president obama is the best ..
Don Burkett I hope you are having the time of your life, flip off Sarah Palin for me while you're there
Edgardo Lopez So, we are paying for his bucket list goals while police officers are getting gunned down and the country goes to hell?! Great way to leave a long lasting impression in history as the biggest failure after Nixon!!!
Ditop Rodz My husband has a decent paying job My miltary family and friends are safe in the USA thanks to President Obama!!
Tiffany Nab Maybe he should have been more concerned about Alaska before he stood behind the pipeline. But, don't worry about that just look at these canned photos.
Susan Sukhu Why is the president getting blamed for officers getting killed??? Let's blame global warming, ocean pollution, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts, flash floods, and fires on President Obama as well!!! No sense, RIP for all the fallen officers, sorry some are using your death to BASH........
The Huffington Post Bristol Palin said the president should focus on "radical jihadists" rather than renaming mountains.
Bristol Palin Is Not Happy About Obama Restoring Denali's Name
"By the way, no one is buying the 'Denali is what the Alaskans have called it for years' line. I’ve never called the mountain Denali .. and neither does anyone I know."
CNN On the final day of his whirlwind trip to Alaska, Barack Obama stopped by a middle school to watch a cultural performance. During the last song, the President jumped up and declared, "I've been practicing." via CNN Politics
Pia Jörhall-Polyzos The cutest president ever!
Luis A CampoZa Mr. President you have my respect. I never seen any president interacting with kids and regular people so many times, here and around the World. You will be missed. More than my EX
Kevin Zhou What a humble president
Monica Callahan God bless President Obama
Ati Alvin The hippest president ever❤️
Franklin Vee Betcha no one in the GOP can do that!
Patricia Munoz Awesome president!!!
Ali Fahd If there was any way in the constitution for Obama to run for the presidency again. Trump's dreams will be bankrupted.
Diana Beverly Ballesteros Wonderful Mr President
Rikky de la Cruz What an awesome president.
AP Sports Feeling 'tight,' Serena Williams moves forward in Slam bid
Feeling 'tight,' Serena Williams moves forward in Slam bid
NEW YORK (AP) — The enormity of what is at stake for Serena Williams at the U.S. Open — the first true Grand Slam in tennis in more than a quarter of a century — hit her Wednesday. That, she said, is why her play was…
CBS News "Uh-oh! Uh-oh!" WATCH: A fish began squirting a steady stream of liquid at Pres. Obama as he picked it up during his Alaska trip earlier. A woman nearby explained to the president that it was simply "spawning"; but the president said "he was happy t Read more ... o see me"
Kathy Maier Mr President... you ARE the father!!!
Martha Martin Haters can't stop hating from the beginning I said we needed more prayers for him and his congress but people continue to hate. No matter what anyone says he is hated for the color of his skin and now you want to blame the killing of policeman on him too
Tee Jones what are the local police, state officers, and communities doing to prevent violence against police officers and civilians? Just asking because this stuff in getting out of hand and very scary day by day. Tired of hearing about people being killed.
Toni Lynn Jones Puccini America is falling apart and he goes to Alaska to pick up spawning fish? Hmmmmm...I'm so eggsited!
Marvell Mumford Adams was the fish saying piss on you?
Dominique Campbell So he drops it on the ground and not back in the water
Melissa Edwards That's his way of saying piss on you Obama
Dennis Kerr spawn hell...he pissed on him
Nicole Whitney Hahahahaha he is a good guy
Keith Najdek I came here for the Obama bashing comments...
ABC News Pres. Obama takes over the White House Instagram, shares photos of landscape, receding glaciers, and a selfie with Bear Grylls:
Photos from ABC News's post
See the whole picture at
Justin Siedel I just wanna say thank you Mr. President! Peace with Iran, Cuba, health care, Bin Ladden dead,.2nd Isis leader dead. Unemployment lowest in a decade, 2 national elections, 2 Supreme Court victories, restoring a mountain to the name it was meant to have, caring about climate change...Love me some Obama!
Fred Whitby Obama haters are coming. ..
Paula Holland Speak out and sign the petition for Obama to declare Black Lives Matter a hate group! America needs 100,000 signatures by October 2nd!
Celina Moreno Enjoy Alaska! It's one of a kind!
Ayden Moore He is so full of life, no denying that... No matter how much you hate him.....
Fred Whitby Damn can he live a little?
Paige Walker Too busy playing actor he needs to fix this country
Ezra Alma M glad to see our tax dollars being put to use.
HuffPost Politics "I think that the president got conned by the Iranians."
Bobby Jindal: Capitol Hill Republicans Bungled The Iran Deal Vote
DENISON, Iowa -- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) says Capitol Hill Republicans got badly outplayed in their efforts to sink President Barack Obama's pending nuclear deal with Iran. Jindal's argument, laid
Judy Currier Anchor baby - the GOP would have you deported - you idiot.
Chuck Miller The sanctions worked, it forced them to negotiate, before Obama is out of office Iran will release the American citizens to add to his legacy..
John M Johnson Ha. A recurring event, POTUS out plays GOP easily more often than not.. Jindal hasn't gotten any traction since his really stupid rebuttal video.
Robert Hobbs Obama and Kerry did a very poor job in negotiating that deal. I agree with Trump and the other Republicans who said the first order of business should have been to free ALL American citizens being held by Iran. We did not need the deal, Iran needed it !!! He had them and now let them go !!!!
Chuck Miller Obama again kicks the GOP's ass like a soccer ball. Your a bad man President Obama. It's amazing what a high IQ does for a person.
Bruce Kennedy Oh? President Obama and the other 7 nations all got conned? Please tell us all about that illusive "better deal" that you think should be made. Please Gov. Jindal, fill this space with your intelligence.
Sean Keating And I think the voters of Louisiana got conned. They got a sock puppet for governor.
Joseph Pete Edwards Or we could trade weapons for hostages like Ronald Reagan?
Fred Crown I know Louisiana got conned by Piyush Jindal.
Bill Gatliff So "the Republicans" got "outplayed", and Obama got "conned". Good thing we've got Jindal, reminding us that he's the mostest smartest guy in the room. What ever would we do without him? How have we gotten by without him for so long already? You tell us, is this the perfect dessert? PB + Chocolate = True Love
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Cindy Wlazelek duh
Howstuffworks Even seemingly simple online startups can require substantial investment.
Do online businesses have lower startup costs?
Is it true that online businesses have lower startup costs than traditional companies? Sometimes. Etsy shops are fairly cheap, but it'll be a...
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