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VICE News Espinosa belonged to a core group of journalists who also organized for free-speech rights in Veracruz.
A Photojournalist Fled Veracruz Under Threat, But Murder Found Him in Mexico City | VICE News
Ruben Espinosa was found on Friday night bound, beaten, and shot, along with four women in a Mexico City apartment. "There is no justice for a single murdered colleague," he said weeks ago of 13 others killed since Javier Duarte became governor.
Cody Rippetoe What? I thought you SJWs were protected by your political correctness, I mean Your fucked up mentality is "Feelings dictate reality" So why didn't his morals protect him?
Truthism Please like my page if you can handle the truth.
HuffPost Crime But will politics eventually trump cost and data?
Obama Is Reinstating Pell Grants For Prisoners
This article was originally published by The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization that covers the U.S. criminal justice system. Sign up for their newsletter, or follow The Marshall Project on
Jeannette C. Serbia
Samuel B Sharpe YES!!
Holly Stafford Wesley dirty word dirty if I commit a crime I can finish my degree? Another dirty word
Marsha Graham For every dollar spent on education of prisoners we save five dollars in tax money. This is money well spent.
Win Walker So I pay for and am still paying a student loan...This isn't fantastic, it BS
Kelly Renfro Unbelievable...
Mary Kaye Waterson That's fantastic!
Lori Nelson What about our students?
Abbas Khan oj ok real
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Dainik Bhaskar
PHOTOS : हिंदुस्तानी लड़के के लिए रूस छोड़ इंडिया आई विदेशी महिला, मंदिर में की शादी... जानिए अभी Read more ...
Salon "Politics is no longer about policy or nuance, or even reality. It is simply a storyline designed to appeal to voters’ emotions."
This is how the clowns took over: The sad history leading to the spectacle of a Fox News debate star
The road to Fox and Trump was paved by decades of right-wing loathing of the media, facts and reality
Kyle A. Martin What's interesting about that statement is that I hear and read conservative voters chide people for thinking with their feelings. Let me tell you something...There is nothing rational or responsible about a constituency that represses feelings of empathy and compassion for their fellow citizens and places above them their emotions of frustration and greed.
Mike Kane Elections can be won or lost depending on latest information that reaches the electorate.
Craig Houghton It's like Big Brother, Survivor, the Apprentice, of any other reality series that relies on outrageousness or manipulation of others in order o stay on the show. If you're crazy, the smart ones want to keep you until the end in order to make it easier for them to win. The other tactic is to make your self so out of whack with reality that the producers (in this case Fox News) want to keep you around for the ratings. This is nothing but a reality series for millionaires and narcissists.
Dennis R Leaser Fox holding the Republican candidates debates is like masterbation . It's feels good but it only pleases yourself.... Yeah I said it and you all know it' true....
Robert Darmody "Politics is no longer about policy or nuance, or even reality. It is simply a storyline designed to appeal to voters’ emotions." If this appeared in an article anywhere but Salon, or even as an isolated statement, it would be taken as a description of left-wing strategy. The lunatic fringe on the right and the core on the left hold sway by this very principle. Appeal to emotions because it is more effective than appealing to intellect of groups that possess so little.
Elva Leal Hernandez Morris "Fox News and conservative talk radio are broadcast juggernauts built around the cult of outrageous, authoritative personalities propagating fear, prejudice, greed and conservative mythology. Conservative viewers are drawn like flies to the sticky-as-molasses message that affirms their emotional beliefs. Often, the more wacky and outrageous the broadcast, the bigger that audience becomes... and the more money the professional conservative talking heads and networks reap."
Linda Gonzales We were in trouble as soon as voters decided to vote for GW Bush 'cause he'd be fun to have a beer with...
Pedro Pájaro-Carpintero It's true, but don't forget that the so-called liberals (who aren't liberals or progressives at all) are being dragged along with it. The Democrats are now basically Republicans of yesteryear, while today's Republicans have gone off the deep end.
John Ruiz The Republican Billionaire Bullies take Center Stage on Fox News Debate Home of Corporate Welfare Kings , America's Dictators
William Brock No more. Storytelling no longer will cut it. Bernie Sanders in 2016.
The Onion Editorial Cartoon:
The Rat In The High Hat
The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Joshua Karr They say it's about being overwhelmed by a wide selection of pets. It's no wonder he never published it, since "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" already existed.
Michael Malfaro why do you only have one political cartoonist? Its getting irritating.
Gabe Small A Kelly picture book? Shut up and take my money.
Brad Keller "I'll see you in Hell you back stabbing bastards! Ha ha ha ha ha!" -Dr. Seuss's last words
Leonard Cogan What did Dr S do to get into hell? :/
Ronan Pellen The Vile Deal's In The Details
Pamela Perez Camara graba violacion de padre a hija video aqui Camara recorded rape video father daughter here >>>
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The First World War Diaries of Stapleton Tench Eac 1/8/16 On duty at 10 am. Have had my hair cropped very short on account of the heat, which is still most depressing. Now that our offensive which commenced on the 1st July is exactly a month old. It would be interesting perhaps to make a few obser Read more ... vations upon the work achieved, the objects gained and our present position. On the 2nd July it was even then plain enough to me that things were not going so successfully as they should and it became more and more evident, first that the work in hand, was more than we could cope with, which situation was brought about in great measure I believe by a very skilful reorganisation of the German line, which was quickly strengthened and well backed up by their artillery. The objects achieved are in my opinion decidedly nil, granted that it was never anticipated that we should attempt a general advance, still at the same time I believe that if our object was to draw a large enemy army to this front, that it has failed ignominiously. The Germans are undoubtedly great masters in the art of war, but did they not attempt exactly the same methods in the battle for Verdun, with apparently a similar object in view. They presumed no doubt that to attack France at her strongest point, which was of course at once her weakest too from a tactile point of view, by an overwhelming superiority of artillery would induce the French to gather together large forces of troops into a small area, whereby they may be reasonably expected to be able to inflict large and serious losses to our allies, and at the same time break the back-bone of any determined offensive by them elsewhere. Perhaps to a certain extent Germany succeeded in this new departure in war, as there seems to be little doubt that our comrades suffered very heavily. One very important factor however the Germans appeared to have entirely overlooked. The battle of Verdun was not to be fought between artillery on the one side and by men only on the other side. The French were also able to bring to bear a similar weight of metal, thereby neutralising the position. to imagine that because we have accumulated massive guns etc. in great numbers is going to carry us through is a terrible and unpardonable miscalculation for as I have pointed out the situation merely becomes neutralised. To sum up I maintain that our position up to the present stands at "work done", fairly good, "objects attained" practically nil, " present situation" neutral. I am moreover quite unable to understand why an offensive on this front was ever attempted. I am quite sure the Germans are confident that they can hold their lines and that they have also completed adequate arrangements to meet all eventualities. Personally I am inclined to consider their point of view as being the correct one. I am moreover strongly in favour of evacuating France altogether, that is to say merely hold strong points, and to strike hard and suddenly elsewhere, where I could mention, and where they are least prepared to defend themselves. I am conscious however that my country is being sold. It is being quickly devoured not by open enemies, but by the wretched traitors within our gates and by the host of hopeless amateurs whom they employ. I am still persevering with my French. It is however a hard enough nut to crack. There are so many difficulties to surmount not the least of which is the provincial dialect or as it is called "Patois". In our province of Picardy this "Patois" is noticeably very strong. On duty 7 pm until 11 pm. I heard that a certain woman at Pont-Noyelle has been caught by the French and English military police serving the troops with whisky, Benadicitine and other strong drinks. This practice is forbidden and defaulters are very severely dealt with, and made to pay a fine of anything up to 1000 Francs. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Other war news from today in 1916: Western Front North of Bazentin-le-Petit, German attack repulsed. High Wood (Somme), German counter-attack west of, failed. French capture string work between Hem Wood and Monacu Farm. German attacks west and south of the Thiaumont work (south-west of Douaumont, Verdun) repulsed. Political, etc. Announcement in House of Commons regarding deaths among troops on trains from Karachi. North of the Somme, the Germans stepped up their attacks against our positions of Hem wood and farm Monacu; the fight was particularly keen on this last point, it was lost for a moment, but was soon recaptured. All enemy attempts ultimately failed with serious losses. Wood of Hem, especially, our batteries were able to counteract the opposing force. On the left bank of the Meuse, a German assault on the northeast slopes of Hill 304 failed under our lights. On the right bank, we have progressed to the southwest of Fleury and captured twenty prisoners. An attempted grenade attack on the western part of Chapter Vaux-wood by the enemy produced no results. One of our squadrons bombed military factories at Thionville, Conflans station, Audun-le-Roman and bivouacs in the region of Tin. No infantry action on the British front. The British airmen threw seven tons of projectiles on communication channels and enemy encampments. They blew up a train, and set an ammunition depot on fire, also theyvdestroyed an airplane. The Russians, continuing to advance on Kovel and Stanislau, captured thousands of enemies, and, among others, a honved regiment, with it's officers. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The Royal Hungarian Honvéd or Royal Hungarian Landwehr commonly known as the Honvéd: Was one of four armed forces of the armed forces (Bewaffnete Macht or Wehrmacht) of Austria-Hungary from 1867 to 1918. The others were its counterpart the Austrian Landwehr, the Common Army and the Imperial and Royal Navy. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Pictures: 1: Aerial view early in 1916 before major destruction in the Battle of Verdun. North is approximately at top 2: Aerial view towards the end of 1916, showing trenches and shell craters. North is approximately at top - Please select image for more information.
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Daily Bhaskar
Facebook perverts really need to start watching who they harass! Because social media! Stop Cyber Crimes Against Eve teasing
RK Soni It is totally wrong. Dont harras girls
WSJ Live Three things we learned about the health of the U.S. economy this week:
Three Things We Learned About the Economy This Week
A flurry of economic news, from labor data to a GDP report, is released this week. Taken together, what does this say about the health of the U.S. economy? WSJ's Paul Vigna reports. Photo: Getty
HuffPost UK Entertainment The writer of the Cilla Black biopic tells us about his experiences with the veteran entertainer.
'Cilla Told Me She Could Be A Real Cow'
“I could be a real cow, you know.” When Cilla Black finally revealed this to screenwriter Jeff Pope, he knew he had a script. The news of Cilla Black's death in Spain this weekend h
T: The New York Times Style Magazine The scoop on the upcoming, Cindy Crawford-produced TV show and more fashion news that's fit to reprint, in our Chic in Review
Alexander Wang Out at Balenciaga, Birkin vs. Birkin and Cara Delevingne in the Morning
Plus, YSL “Couture,” Cindy Crawford’s series and more from the week in style.
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