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WSJ Live Government issues transgender restroom ‘best practices.'
Government Issues Transgender Restroom ‘Best Practices'
OSHA is offering guidance to companies on restroom policies for transgender employees. What are the suggestions? WSJ’s Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer.
The WorldPost The first paragraph of this article reads like a terrifying Orwellian prophecy come true.
FBI Confirms Wide-Scale Use Of Surveillance Flights Over U.S. Cities
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the U.S. carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance t...
VICE News The autopsy found eight bullets lodged in the gunman's body, including one that had exited and re-entered.
Report Says Gunman Who Ambushed Canada's Parliament Last Year Was Shot 31 Times | VICE News
The new information comes days after the RCMP released the full-length version of a cellphone video Michael Zehaf-Bibeau took.
Dave Levangie 31 times... wasn't enough.
Kevin Leamy Headline looks like sympathy from vice for the shooter
Denny Parenteau He needed more
Felix Black had to be sure I guess
Matt McGoldrick Didn't all the shots come from one guy? Maybe he ran out lol
HuffPost Green Nope nope nope.
Couple Finds Hungry Snake Devouring An Egg On Their Kitchen Counter
Forget about boots and planes, you should really be worried about snakes in your eggs. Laura Neff recorded a video of a 4-foot snake that managed to find its wa...
Ricardo Saracino snakes like that are harmless, i would have let him eat and brought him outside after
Katie Berger Tremaine Wow, this is cool!
Daniel Barrocas So the poor snake eats an egg. I feel fortunate when i find an animal like this surviving among us. We lay waste to EVERYTHING.
Nona Mac nopity-nope
Vanessa Perkins Freeman Well that is horrifying.
Kc Casper Clark Yeah no way! The snake can have the house I'm out!
Kimberly Estacio Burn the house down
Sally Noble Yikes!!!!!!!!
Christine Rimay Laura Neff your video hit Huffington Post!
Celeste Seymour Shaun Reichert nope Yikes!
Giant Piece of Metal Falls 40 Feet Off French Open Scoreboard Into Crowd (Video)
A large chunk of metal fell came loose from the top of a French Open scoreboard during a match Tuesday, falling what appears to be more than 40 feet into the crowd below—but, luckily, not causing any major injuries. Video: The men's singles quarter Read more ... final match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Kei...
Gav Lafreniere OMG...what's happening....first, Federer was attacked by a fan and now this???
Fox News Politics #HillaryClinton tells fan to 'go to the end of the line' at event |
Clinton tells fan to 'go to the end of the line' at event
Video captured on campaign trail in New Hampshire
Al Wise She needs to go to the end of the line......WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT!
Jennifer Keever ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ Hitl☭ry
Talmadge Beau Garrison And vote republican
Ken Goldman Don't vote
Business Insider He's been involved with FIFA for 40 years.
Watch FIFA chief Sepp Blatter resign and call for a 'profound overhaul'
VIDEO: He's been running FIFA since 1998.
Marie Bradshaw Mr. Bladder said he can't know everything it was impossible for him to know what other were doing or to speak for them as the president of FIFA.
Chuck Simon And he's been accepting bribes for 39 1/2 years...
Ryan Minseong Kim Such a clever guy. He must have felt like something was going really nasty.
Waldemar Di Sozi Complete investigation is the MUST!!!
Stephen Taranto Somebody must have bribed him to quit!
L Joyce Watkins I see something in the water around this guy too.....and it's not fish
Gay San Diego Watch comedian and actor Ian Harvie speak to Brooke Baldwin of CNN about #CaitlynJenner and Harvie's own journey.
'Transparent' actor reacts to Jenner's Vanity Fair cover - CNN Video
"Transparent" actor Ian Harvie speaks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover.
Salomon Faye "Black Power" by Salomon Faye A Fusion Music Video Mini-Documentary Shot Live in Baltimore Directed by Kris Merc Edited by Jay McConville Song Produced By Matthew Bowen Song Mixed and Mastered by Lionel Elsound Illuzion Entertainment V// Copyrighted Read more ... 2015
Salomon Faye- "Black Power"
A Fusion Music Video Documentary Directed by Kris Merc Edited by Jay McConville Featuring Salomon Faye Zen Manhattan Mage Illuzion Entertainment V// Copyrigh...
13 minutes ago
VICE News Is income inequality killing America's middle class? Charlie LeDuff will join #OnTheLine this Thursday at noon to discuss. Send us your questions with a Skype video message. Here's how to get started:
33 minutes ago
Anthony Wilson What middle class ?
Kevin Leamy The current economic plan is creating more of a divide, and it's run by the people who are telling you that the economic divide is a problem
Andrew AnotherWorld Perry Ima go wiiiiith..... YES.
David Morphew No. Being whiny bitches is.
Sebastien LeBlanc The rich are gething richer and the poor and gething poorer. Most workers that are building them shelter houses,mansions dont have one themselves and the bureaucrates are making more then them ...
Lee Okruhlica You'd have to be blind to not see it happening
Julian McBride Can a goldfish live without water?
Michael Brescia Yes.
Christoph Haughey Evan Mack
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