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BuzzFeed Video Hey Facebook! We're doing a video on street food around the world and need your help! Please send us video of your favorite street food to with the name of the food, the city/country it's from, and your personal Instagram a Read more ... ccount so we can credit you. Remember to film landscape, not vertical! Thanks and happy filming!
Max Lewis Long ago, the comments lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the hater nation attacked. Only a baker, master of all baking elements, can stop them. But when the world needed his recipe most, he vanished. A few post past others and I discovered a baker named AJ. And although his baking skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But I believe, AJ's recipe can save the world.
Max Lewis You guys complain, but we all know that one day, maybe not today, maybe not even this week, but one day you're going to have a craving for blueberry pancakes. You'll try to find a recipe that will satisfy that craving, but every one you try just won't be right. Something is.. missing. Could it be too much baking powder? Not enough sugar? Fresh vs frozen blueberries? You know once upon a time someone out there had the perfect recipe, but you can't quite remember his name. Then, you'll remember how you shunned AJ, how you complained about his recipe, about how he kept trying to offer it to you just knowing that one day you'll need it. And at that time, when you need it the most, he won't be there. Nay, for you have shunned him once too many. And there you will be, left with no hope, no satisfaction, and bland blueberry pancakes that not even the dog will eat. AND YOU WILL HAVE DESERVED IT!!!!
Ginger Nolasco Fishball, Squidball, Kwek-kwek, kikiam, isaw, YAS from Philippines;)
Araunah-Jovita Gerber Yay!! Sheay Bradley there is eat street markets around the corner from my house, wanna go video some waffles and other yummy street food??
Akmal Rodzi Move over, Malaysia's got this
Benjax Rivera Relax guys....we got this. (Philippines)
Fakhrul-Islam Haq Dubai has no street food
Rosa Sebastian Street Tacos!!
Aaron Marcos Muniz Define street food please
Marie Gomez If only I had seen this an hour earlier
BuzzFeed News He's clearly good at what he does.
This Special Effects Artist Hoaxed Tons Of People Into Thinking A Spider Crawled Out Of Him
A creepy video posted by Hollywood effects expert Bruce Branit got picked up all over the web – but many didn't realize it was CGI.
Pete Sanchez Oh my god that's creepy time to loot and riot...;). Jk,jk....calm down gov...
Michael Kelly Thank you for not posting something that has something to do with Race. I know how much you media outlets love to milk the shit out of that.
Dareen Raad LOL
Dareen Raad ....
BuzzFeed If We Treated Alcohol The Way We Treat Weed (via BuzzFeed Video)
Satan If you want to start an argument on the internet, then say that marijuana has absolutely no medicinal qualities whatsoever, then grab the popcorn.
Greg Max People would stop buying "Cupcake"?
Amber Rihm Truth...
Dulce Martinez
Seven Rio I've been saying this for a long time! Dori Ced ! Lol
Dori Ced Seven Rio
Modesty Vidal Annette Wren
Hannah Pattinson Sarah Jacobson Rose Stuart Georgia Cattley
Srishti Sheshadrinath Sam Tatham Imogen Page Shay O'Donnell Rianna Killen Joe Tatham
Desiree Pina Christina Lynn Ervin If only all crossing guard duties were this adorable.
Man Sweeps Baby Moose Off Its Feet and Carries Animal to Safety (VIDEO)
Keith Burgess carried the scared animal to the safety of a nearby forest
Su Sripathy
Susan Wenzel Awwwwwww
Business Insider Here's how the Apple Inc. Store makes you spend way more money than you'd like.
1 hour ago
Ana Bruin No, is the danger zone.
HuffPost Live Robot pizza.
2 hours ago
Louise Pardi Sheridan Ed lol! Remember how long we were mesmerized by this at Costco? Lol! Anna Mary I want one!
Renad Khalil Joudeh Gadah Zayed-Joudeh
Business Insider Those Game of Thrones inconsistencies are totally done on purpose, says George R.R. Martin.
2 hours ago
Joshua Grubb Burl Ives? ?? I thought he was dead
No Scalpel Vasectomy International Inc. today is the natal day of a NYC Documentary Film Maker/ Creator of World Vasectomy Day . . . Jonathan Stack! One good way to greet him a Happy Birthday and to do good to our world is to WATCH and SHARE this website and the video he created Read more ... .... National Anti-Poverty Commission Department of Social Welfare and Development Department of Health Philippines Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Department of the Interior and Local Government Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines Commission on Population - National Capital Region U.S. Embassy, Manila Philippines Philippine Information Agency UNFPA UNFPA Philippines Plan International Plan International Philippines CNN CNN Philippines Abs-Cbn GMA Network Rappler
World Vasectomy Day
2 hours ago
Jerry Michaels I recently uploaded a video I made detailing my experience with a local mobile mechanic who was listed on Craigslist. Now the Mechanic is saying I have broken the law by posting this video and has even said I was blackmailing him!! I posted no person Read more ... al information except what was already listed in his Ads, Social Media Pages and other Online public platforms. The only picture of him with a minor in it has the face of the child completely blocked out and I only give the phone numbers listed for his businesses. So my question is this, Have I gone to far with this Video, or do I have the right to not only warn others about this mans illegal and unprofessional business practices, but to also publicly shame him. You tell me, Watch the video and decide for yourselves.
Auto worx 7/ Performance Auto Worx
None of this is done maliciously. I am truthfully relating my own experience with Alex Gomez when he came to work on my car. Should your experience with him differ from mine, Then I am happy for you. I am however, Not happy with my own. Therefore, I Read more ... am unapologetic if my testimonial and review of Alex happens to offend your delicate feelings. This has been a public service announcement. Hello everyone, Meet Alex Gonzalez. That's Him in the pictures. Do Yourself a Favor and watch this Video. Then afterwards, Ask Yourself, Would you want this man working on your family's vehicle? Below is the text from this Video in case it scrolls too fast for you. On 5/26/15, I called a Mobile Mechanic by the Name of Alex Gonzales. I found him on Craigslist, He has Numerous Ad's listed there. Alex Quoted me $70 to come out and Diagnose what was wrong with my car. I said OK and Alex showed up awhile later in a silver BMW. I re-capped what I had already told him about the car not running and when it did start it would backfire and die. Alex told me to try and start it. When it did not start, Alex pulled the sensor off the air intake hose and shot "Brake Cleaner" into the hole for about 3-4 seconds and told me to try it again. When it didn't start Alex shot another longer squirt, (5-6 seconds), and told me to try it again. The car still did not start, so Alex told me to try it again, But give it gas this time. When I did there was an ear shattering explosion and I saw the can of "Brake Cleaner" go flying about 8 feet away, On Fire!, as Alex jumped back. Alex ran over and stomped the flames out around the can and ran back to my car and blew out all the stuff that was on fire or smoldering. I got out of the car to see what happened and saw that the Air Intake Cover had blown off and broken. Alex totally ignored that and tried to draw my attention to other stuff by busying himself with checking two Spark Plugs and doing a compression check on those cylinders and checking for spark on the last one. Never once mentioning the damage he just did to my car or even going near that side of the car again! Now while he was checking for spark he had me turn over the car and it started right up, even with the Plug wire off one cylinder, but it died again after a a few seconds. Alex told me to change the plugs and that would solve the problem, Then asked to be paid. I pointed out that he had blown up my air intake cover and that we would have to make a deal. Alex at first tried to say that he wasn't responsible for that because he had to "Diagnose the Car". I pointed out that he knew it had been backfiring because I had told him twice, and that it had never blown up on me like that, only when he shot all the "Brake Cleaner" into it did it Explode! Alex then said he would knock off $20 for the part and charge me $50 because I could just Glue it. I told Him I would be willing to give him $30 at the most because the lid was way past anything "glue" could fix. Alex became upset and started arguing with me and then acted like he was calling a parts line and asked how much it would cost for my Intake Cover. Alex said $24.99 for it so he would deduct that off the price and when I still complained, Alex started yelling about it and saying he wanted his money. I did not want to cause a scene at my friends house where the car was parked so I just paid him. I handed him a $50 bill and he went back to his car, I thought he was getting my $5 change, But he got in his car and started it. When I asked him about my change, Alex flipped me the bird and drove away! I guess I know how Alex paid for his BMW now! I called Alex and left a message, he didn't answer, I asked him who he called for that price on the cover and asked him to call me back and please let me know. I only found out after Alex left, and after I called him, that the whole "Air Intake Assembly Box" was cracked open and had a hole blown out of it. I sent Alex Requests for him to Please replace the parts he broke on my car via his Craigslist Ad and his Gmail account. Alex never Called back and still has not answered my Emails. I am on disability with a limited income and dying of Liver Disease, if he will do this to someone like me, I hate to see what he does to the poor Mother of four who is broke down on a Freeway if she calls Him!. His wife and Him Both act Like they are Good Christians who attend Bayside Church in Roseville.I don't know ANY Good Christians that would treat their fellow man in such a way, Do You? I have compiled Video Documentation of what Alex did to my Car and it follows this. I will be contacting Legal Aid, The BBB, and all State entities regarding Alex, but this has been Posted as a Warning to others as testimony to the true nature of this "Alex Gonzalez" and his Dishonest and Unprofessional Business practices. He has Ad's Everywhere! Check below for the Particulars on Alex so that you don't become his next Victim! Here is Alex's Business Phones, Facebook Web Pages, and Craigslist Ads, But as I said Before, This Guy has Ad's listed everywhere! He even lists Multiple names for his business. Performance Auto Worx Auto Worx 7 1.2.3..FIXED Power+ CARE AUTO REPAIR MR. DIAGNOSTIC Mobile MECHANIC Mechanics 2 U Mobile Mechanic TOP AUTO DIAGNOSTIC RAPID Auto Mobile Mechanic PRE-BUYER INSPECTIONS--- LICENSED MOBILE MECHANIC And That's just to name a few! One thing seems to be a constant though, and that is that he seems to always use either (916) 385-8126 or (916) 595-6327 as his Phone number. Some of the Yelp Ads List his business as being in Granite Bay, but they still show no physical address. Those Ads usually have the (916) 595-6327 Number. Here are links for some of his web pages and Ads. h/aos? query=Licensed+n+registered+MoBI LE+MECHANIC 9943535073079/about zalez.5?fref=ufi ceAutoWorx/info?tab=page_info t/us/ca/granite-bay/performance- auto-worx-reviews-7673072.htm I still have to contact Legal Aid, The State Licensing Board, The California Bureau of Automotive Repair, and The BBB, But I have a few more pieces of Information I must collect before I do. I just wanted to get this uploaded ASAP to serve as a warning to others. Thanks for Watching. The True Measure Of A Person Is Determined By Their Honesty, Integrity And The Respect They Give To Others Character is much easier kept than recovered. ~Thomas Paine Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence. ~Author Unknown Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one. ~Chinese Proverb I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with the car, But considering the fact that this guy guarantees his Diagnoses, I would think I am entitled to a refund, Along with him replacing the parts he broke. Thanks Again For Watching. Take care and God Bless.
2 hours ago
WSJ Live Fashion designer Betsey Johnson receives CFDA's 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. Interview:
Betsey Johnson Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
American fashion designer Betsey Johnson will receive the CFDA's 2105 Lifetime Achievement Award. Ms. Johnson joins Tanya Rivero to discuss her storied career and her award. Photo: Getty
2 hours ago
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