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Amazing Time Lapse Of Man's Beard Growing Over A Year
Fed up with those pregnancy time lapse videos clogging up your newsfeed? Well here's one you'll actually want to share (if you're a facial hair aficionado that is). Behold, a year in the life of a
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reddit International car love is a beautiful thing.
I sold a 1957 Chevy to England. Brits are right on, made my day. • /r/videos
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MTV Fifth Harmony, Michael Jackson & more have all gotten freaky.
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Ashley Jovanovic Listen to my new aus rap song and dont forget to like it
Leannah Jasmin dayummm
Nabbs Pheonah Fifi so give it 2 me am "worth it"anha am worth it!
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Jeanluca Cachia Just did a Thug Life version of Ronda Rousey. It would be awesome if you checked it out and shared the video
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BuzzFeed Video Proof That Australian Animals DGAF (via BuzzFeed Oz)
BuzzFeed Oz
Proof That Australian Animals DGAF. (Via America's Funniest Home Videos)
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Yasir Soltani Koala snot had me rolling lol
Rutendo Nembaware Paula Del Rosario Aussie animals take it to the next level hahahahahaha
Ozan Duduhacıoğlu WTF is DGAF
Chun Yui Ko Fucking Aussies lol
Nae Nae Pretty Lifted WTF they're coming!
Brandon Hansen This literally just randomly came on my Facebook Becca Mattson
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We are bringing you the ultimate fun, which will change your Facebook page forever! Only the best PRANK, FAIL, CHALLENGE VIDEOS from the web at one PLACE!
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Evil Crayon Nice :p
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Tonda Reeves Crane hehhehhehheh... LOLOL
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L-EON Artist Page Ha ha ha this is brilliant The LAD BibleThe LAD Bible OzThe Lad TimesUNILADUNILADhelloUFunny Or DieFunny VideosThe AcademyFailArmyFailBlog.orgFailureFailbookFunny'ShitDog-fun FestFunny animalFunny Dog Videos
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Rj FaZi
The New Yorker How-to videos for scientists.
How Methods Videos Are Making Science Smarter
For some researchers, the most significant obstacle to the successful replication of experiments is the outdated text format of traditional journals.
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Amanda Hall On your page there are varied and new posts daily, but on my feed? I just get the same old reposts...and my feed lets me know it's you guys that are hitting the 'repost' button with tags back to your endless re-posts -daily-. . . It just isn't inter Read more ... esting anymore. I'm tired of the cheesy gifs, the video at the bottom while you 'write an article' about the video that just watching the video explains so much more clearly, again with the sprinkled in, unrelated gifs for impact/popular appeal. Unoriginal and uninteresting writing which is more of an opinion blog piece than anything else. Links leading to more puff, opinion, and gif-riddled pieces of your own making, etc, etc... . . The Miley Cirus thing was the last article I forced myself through. I disagree wholeheartedly with the idea that Miley grabbing herself and fondling herself on stage is in any way a move in the right direction for LGBT rights or boosting women's self-appreciation/self-image. . . If she wanted to wear the skimpy shirt, go for it. However, that isn't anything special or new for Miley or any other female celeb. She's licked random objects and people, been nearly naked in videos, showings, and concerts, done sexually toned performances, etc. She has grabbed, fondled, and jiggled herself for the pleasure of a crowd before. . . Her words, though, are what you repeatedly showcased in the article...however, I felt it was not the sassy activism for self-appreciation the world needs... I felt it was laced with sarcasm, self-depreciating, self-righteous, and for the sake of shock and getting her name back out there. . . "He'd rather me have my tits out and be a good person, than have my shirt on and be a bitch." followed by sexist remarks about how it's nearly impossible to be an asshole when there are tits out was something the article praised. . . Why? Why is it praise-worthy to show derision towards those who choose to wear clothes? How is it helpful to the sexism against women's bodies to tout that having your breasts out gives you special privilege? Have you people ever been to a strip club? Exposed breasts are not some sort of weapon to be swung around that somehow defeat all the evil assholes in the world, or a golden ticket to special treatment. They are a fact of anatomy and shouldn't even be a point in the fight for anyone's rights. Every human deserves equal rights, equal pay, and equal treatment regardless of their anatomy! . . She is absolutely demeaning the struggle for equal rights with phrases like, 'It makes me comfortable because they're's like an icebreaker..'stop staring at my tits'...and the convo just kinda keeps going...' . . No! Actually, no! 'Stop staring at my tits!' is -not- an icebreaker, making people uncomfortable is -not- the sort of empowering message that should be sent to the demographics struggling for equality. Reveling in a part of our struggle is NOT helping. I have yet to meet another person in the LGBT community that has said making other people uncomfortable helped them in any way. Fear and uncertainty of the unknown are in the top five reasons bad things happen across the world and throughout history and truly should not be made into a game of enjoyment. . . The question, "Am I making you uncomfortable?" from those demographics, if met with a 'yes', should not be returned with a 'GOOD! I feel GREAT NOW!'. It should be met with, 'Why?', 'Can we talk about it?', etc. . . Then, on the subject of the nudest colony, she states it would be a 'joy' to visit one, yet goes on to say things like, 'It was INSANE the people who were choosing to be nude.', it made her 'question' herself and her choice to go there, 'it is terrifying' and agreeing with Jimmy that some people who choose to be nude are terrifying. The hair, gravity, and sun exposure was, as she said it, 'scarring'. And of course, the promise to 'do it back' to others. . . How in the hell did you take that interview and slap an Upworthy sticker of approval on it? . . She is being absolutely prejudiced, condescending, ...a vain snob. . . It is incomprehensible how the article is specifically wanting us to focus on how she is being self-confident about her self-image, and 'sticking it to the man' so literally, when she then turns on a dime and body shames several different body types and choices others make about their bodies. And you expect us to ignore that with a 'Sure, but still.' comment, trying to change the subject to her foundation. . . Are there not overly tanned, perhaps obese or gravity-affected, or those with shrubs of all shapes and sizes in the LGBT/homeless community she is 'fighting' for? Clicking to go to the linked article about her work with the Happy Hippie Foundation, you feature an image where she posts, "How different would this be if there was no judgement and only acceptance?" . . To take one moment to go off-topic, a judgement is to form an opinion, and acceptance is to agree with, or belief in, an opinion. I understand how she, and millions of other people, want those words to be read. To judge is to hate, to accept is to love...but the fact of the matter is we all have opinions and they are formed every second of every day about everything we, and everyone around us, do, are, see, etc, and to damn the mere act of having or forming an opinion is ignorant to say the least. . . Anyway... It is two-faced. I don't care if it was for 'entertainment' purposes, because most people would have laughed and rolled their eyes had they seen it on Youtube, TV, tweeted, or whatnot...but ya'll chose to try and praise her and feature this piece and have made it a relevant discussion to her mission with the HHF. . . Does she assert those feelings and opinions onto the kids involved in her foundation? Does she realize that acting that way on national TV, in front of an average of 2 and a half million viewers (not including articles like this, etc) is going to, intentionally or not, assert her views onto her followers? . . . Since when does Upworthy encourage that sort of thing? If that was ...say... Justin Beiber (he's in the 'pop star - stage 3: remorse' phase of his life...) coming out onto Jimmy's stage in a banana hammock, with his testicles fully exposed, and then began jiggling and fondling them to the disgust and discomfort of the people in the studio audience, would you have made fun of Jimmy then? Would Beiber be some sort of 'body image activist'? Especially if, after the testie-jiggling, he decided to talk about how ugly and messed up other naked people look compared to him, and said he was 'terrified' and 'scarred' from seeing them? . . . It was a fun few years, but I'm sorry to say I'll be unfollowing you now. (Can't edit, ended up deleting and reformatting as to get the 'wall of text' feel out of it.)
5 hours ago
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