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Anita Matthews Bless his heart, I can relate to being in a house with to many of the opposite sex, I live in a house with 4 guys.
VIRAL VIDEO: Baby reveal gone wrong... Great one to tag parents or your siblings in - Paul & Woods
Sarah Aragon A great social justice PSA on gender identities. Captions provided.
I wanted to do a PSA video for deaf transgender women out there to address several recurrent issues and questions that come up in the cisgender community when it comes to dealing with deaf transgender women so that cisgender deaf people can learn som Read more ... e things from this video. I don't speak for deaf trans men specifically in this video as some of their experiences are especially different than deaf trans women, but some of my statements do allude to the deaf transgender community in general as we are brothers and sisters in our struggles and paths. I will be covering actual physical transition, hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery in a future episode as those topics are whole different issues to delve into but also frequently asked about by the cisgender deaf community, which is beyond the broad scope of this episode. So keep tuned for that one, too! Many thanks to my bestie, Wade Phillips, for assisting in producing this video! Comments appreciated, but keep them respectful!
Garrett Coffey With a very heavy heart, I've made the decision to un-friend two people today. Posted to their timeline was a link to a video of a politician explaining very succinctly that same sex couples should not qualify for federal or state marital benefits s Read more ... imply because they are, by definition, unable to enter into marriage. When asked to explain further, he made a distinction between being issued a marriage license and getting married. I'm not foolish, I understand that not all of my "friends" on Facebook agree with all of my morals and values, however, I choose to surround myself with positive, supportive friends that accept me and my husband, Anthony, for who we are and the commitment we've made to one another.
Jeff Coffey Great video sad part is that there is not enough patriots left in Hollywood to film this today. They would be lining up to sing for abortion or same sex marriage. But not this! Wake up America!
Looking back at this video, which I remember from way back, it is even more awesome now than ever....
4 minutes ago
Elizabeth Elliott Wow so sad. Color is beautiful. I cant believe these beautiful kids dont realize how amazing and special they truely are. This video made me cry. All Gods children are perfect, precious and irreplaceable no matter what race, sex, religion, old, young Read more ... , we need to wake up and lead a better example and teach them they are all absolutely heavenly and gorgeous! jaw just dropped! #soSAD
13 minutes ago
Aungenae N. Davenport This is the best video I've seen all day!!! Crying over a sex toy!!!#
19 minutes ago
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