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Best Funny Videos 2015
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hehehhehe... LOL
Rony Azad
5 hours ago
Techmeme Twitter announces new offering for automatically matching 6-second ads to publishers' videos; Twitter takes 30% of revenue, with publisher retaining 70% (Peter Kafka / Re/code)
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Sakib Al Hassan
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5 hours ago
Ellen Nichole Don't know where do you guys get all this funny videos but keep it up! Keeps me busy for hours
7 hours ago
Evil Crayon who else really loves this
Awesome Whatsapp Videos Sweet :)
Funny Video love the comments guys :p
My Last Laughs Sweet :/
Zena Edosomwan Hello, My name is Zena Edosomwan and I am junior at Harvard University. I have a project that I have just released. The title of the project is #BlackIs and its aim is to remind people that blackness is not something that can be defined by a series Read more ... of criteria or universal experiences. The goal of the project is to create positive images and social commentary that expresses the beauty, rich history, and diversity in what black is and articulates the unique experiences of being black. We hope to dispel stereotypes and help people engage in a constructive dialogue about what "black is" and what it means to be black without devolving into a conversation that works off of a single definition of blackness. Most importantly, the goal of the project is to spread the message of positivity and self-love within a community that continues to be confronted with negative images and misrepresentations of its people in the media. With everything that has gone on in the country, from Charleston to Baltimore, people of color and across the globe need to be reaffirmed and empowered. Even despite all the tough racial issues like mass incarceration, educational disparities, and police brutality, it is important that we do not equate being black with being "second class citizens" deserving of less recognition or affirmation. Instead, we hope to remind the world of the strength and beauty in being black. We recognize that the Harvard students selected for this project reflect a particular privilege, but we all come from different backgrounds and the Harvard black community, diverse as it is, can act as a microcosm of what black is. The project is structured as a series of photos accompanied by videos featuring black Harvard students. The students were asked to pick a word that describes what being black is to them.The students were then asked to elaborate on the word and speak on what the word means to means to them personally. The point of this was to make each word act as a unique reflection of the individual person’s feeling or thoughts, and not have it be representative of a whole. The goal is to reach as many people as possible in the hopes that we can positively make even the smallest change in how they view themselves as black; or, how others view the term black by expressing the diverse and unique aspects of the word. The biggest goal is to just start a conversation because as American activist Marian Wright Edelman once said, “You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.” Please check it out and share. link to video: link to tumblr page:
#HarvardBlackIs #BlackIs Project
The title of the project is #BlackIs and its aim is to remind people that blackness is not something that can be defined by a series of criteria or universal...
7 hours ago
Paige Baker Hi all, love your videos. I had a dream the other day that made me want to tell you about. I was dreaming of soldiers about to battle. But instead of weapons they stuck their mouth appendage at each other. So there you go.....use that in a skit. Read more ... battle of the tongues.
9 hours ago
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Rihana Fernands "I found this man looking for new music to promote and I saw that this guy writes really touching material and I had to share it so here are two of his videos and from I understand he is producing some more music right now - have a watch and have a l Read more ... isten!"
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Amazing world Pictures This Is One Of The Most Fascinating Halloween Trick Of All Times
This Is One Of The Most Fascinating Halloween Trick Of All Times
I have never witnessed such a creative idea to create a Halloween look. Even starters who know a little bit about such makeup can give it a try. The images and videos show a very easy trick to get such a look. I bet if you succeed in getting such a Read more ... look for yourself, you can surely bash the Hallowe…
11 hours ago
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