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The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell
Seen videos by “The Liberal Redneck” Trae Crowder responding to trans bathroom bills in your Facebook feed? We did, too. So we wanted to know more about how this self-described redneck became a political comedian. Watch this Last Word web exclusi Read more ... ve to find out! Find him here: Trae Crowder - Comedian And learn more:
Curtis Everett Reed A new party is attempting to rise up in the wake of Bernie Sanders "Political Revolution" to break from the corruption of the 2-Party system. Their founding principals are based upon Bernie Sanders movement, and they seek to combine all progressive parties together into the largest Progressive Party in United States history. The Democratic Party can crush this by simply nominating Bernie Sanders, and would make other Progressive parties simply merge with them. If they miss this opportunity it will fracture the Democratic Party, and one way or another give birth to a new party empowered by the youth. #BernieOrBust
Marie Callahan Please vote Democratic in November. Maybe next election there will be Republicans we Independents can vote for--not this time.
Doug Pauly Lawrence O'Donnell is still on the air? Who knew?
Sherry Shafer Yup! Got to say you guys deserve this smack down.
Brian Fiori Your network is disgusting. And maddow on TV right now is a total lunatic. Also. ..#trumptrain.
Marc S. OBrien This guy is GREAT!!!
Kellery Boller Did you see another Donald Trump rally stopped early with horrible violence. So much of it got recorded too. There is a insane video of it in my timeline.
John Lukis Stofko Enough Of Caitlyn Jenner
Lena Kendrick Trae Crowder yaaayyy!!!!!!
Petrina Lopez Jose...
People The Saturday Night Live alum is splitting from her husband.
Jenny Slate and Husband Dean Fleischer-Camp Split After Nearly Four Years of Marriage
Together, they won Best Animated Short at AFI Fest 2010 for their Marcel viral YouTube videos.
1 hour ago
Kayla Smith If you're interested in making anywhere from 3000-5000 dollars this week and you're serious about accomplishing this goal i can help you...there aren't any bank accounts credit cards or credit checks needed all you to do is txt BLUE RAIN to 6022477955 or you can either call and my brother will give you the info that you need to reach your goal NO BS'N...Just pure business at it's best thank you and have a blessed day
Newsweek Prince didn't want his videos on YouTube and argued that the service didn't compensate artists fairly. He's not alone.
2 hours ago
Vaios Karanikas Ιf will disappear from internet he will disappear from our memory as well.
Vie San Yess!!! GUYs !!!! accidentally found a link to watch FREE Full Movie ?? Online without registration WATCH Captain America: Civil War full Movie Streaming WATCH Suicide Squad full Movie Streaming WATCH Barbershop: The Next Cut full Movie Streaming WATCH The Jungle Book full Movie Streaming WATCH Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows full Movie Streaming WATCH The Legend of Tarzan full Movie Streaming WATCH A Bigger Splash Movie full Movie Streaming WATCH The Huntsman Winter's War full Movie Streaming WATCH Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip full Movie Streaming WATCH Straight Outta Compton FULL Movie Streaming WATCH Cinderella FULL Movie Streaming WATCH Jurassic World FULL Movie Streaming WATCH Star Wars: The Force Awakens FULL Movie Streaming WATCH Divergent FULL Movie Streaming
Alexander Gregory The Grinch?
Jezebel At times, she’s screaming so wildly it’s impossible to make out what she’s saying.
Apparent Audio of a Man Beating His Partner Played Over a Videogame Livestream
Several extremely disturbing videos uploaded to YouTube Tuesday night and Wednesday morning purport to be audio of a user on the video game website Twitch beating a woman as she screams and pleads for him to stop. The videos are generating a fair amo Read more ... unt of online outrage, including on Reddit and Twi...
3 hours ago
Samantha Nicholson OHHH I thought u meant beating as in winning Mario kart
Anduril Rogers This is so fucked up :/
Aliçia Sarah Raimundo This is so awful. I hope she got out.
Evelyn A. Jimenez Juan Sylvester
Laughing Squid
The Distinct Qualities of Good Listeners
In the latest of their incredibly insightful videos, the School of Life explains, through animation by Zedem Productions, exactly what makes someone a good listener and the need to train everyone t…
3 hours ago
Vanessa Calderon You'll agree with my kid's words during a magical encounter with Teacher Chris! My daughter says: "Autism is a beautiful heart deep inside you." I agree!
Special Books by Special Kids
Thomais is diagnosed with autism. She quickly hid inside a cabinet when I entered the room. Instead of forcing Thomais out I sat on the floor and talked to her and a beautiful interaction followed.
4 hours ago
Kids Recipe Magic
Kids Recipe Magic
Mouth Watering Meatloaf
6 hours ago
Jennifer Price
6 hours ago
Jennifer Price Will you please help spread the word please share and keep us in prayer for Darren McGraw to get a handicapped vehicle see details at the end to read the entire story
This Family contacted me asking for Prayer, but I was touched knowing their situation and that they even tried to get help from their local news station. So I took time to create this short video. I was unable to fully support them financially by mys Read more ... elf but I believe in GOD's community... that we all can help in some way. Support them there > Any concerns, contact them there > #Prayer #Share Like > VERBAETUM < Page
6 hours ago
Lifehacker Make that expensive cheese stay fresh for as long as possible:
These Videos Show the Best Way to Wrap Cheese
Wrap your cheese properly and you can keep it fresh for much longer than if you just kept it in plastic wrap (which isn’t a good idea). Cheese paper company Formaticum’s videos show us how to wrap cheeses of different shapes.
6 hours ago
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