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Randy Funk Dear Jon, Please report or let people know that Jimmy Carter had the courage to call the political system in the US an oligarchy. Studies have soon this to be true. It also makes Obamas advice to folks to call the congressional rep. a complete joke.
7 hours ago
Sports Illustrated Destiny made her dad Vince Wilfork promise her one thing if she was going to have to move to Texas: she had to meet JJ Watt.
Vince Wilfork keeps promise to daughter, helps her meet J.J. Watt
Vince Wilfork's daughter met J.J. Watt on Saturday, fulfilling a promise Wilfork made to her when he signed with Houston.
1 day ago
Harold Johnson Jr. A healthy Clowney, a seasoned leader in Wilfork and a JJ Watt in his prime makes for a tough dline to run or pass on
Michael Williams Figures...a JJ Watt post....
Jeremy J. Niles 5th JJ Watt post on my news feed today. Several dozen over the last few weeks. JJ Watt is a good dude, great football player, crazy athlete. But I'm starting to not like him purely because of over saturation of media coverage
Dave Weber Vince Wilfork seen cashing a little bit of a check from JJ Watt, LLC, shortly after this post went up. Gotta love JJ's "people," he's turning into the Rob Gronkowski for the defensive side of the ball for social media placements.
Darius Schwarz I like JJ Watt a lot... Seems like a cool dude... Plus he is Big 10...
Jim Bowering We are tired hearing about JJ Watt let's hear more about the cheaters and beaters instead. SMH.
Raudy De Leon oh look another JJ watt post. i wonder what Espn is posting about! mhhhhhhhhhh!!
Christina Toney Greulich Texas could convince virtually anyone to settle there with a promise of meeting JJ Watt. Myself included.
Aaron Joseph Tough line with wilfork & watt
Zach Turner When you aren't your daughters favorite player
ClickHole Take a look at how Breaking Bad came to life. Incredible!
This Is Vince Gilligan’s Series Bible For ‘Breaking Bad’
The year was 2007, and no one yet knew what great things lay ahead for ‘Breaking Bad.’ Creator Vince Gilligan had lightning in a bottle…he just needed to find the network to produce it. Now available online for the first time, this is the serie Read more ... s bible that sold AMC on the show. It’s an incredi…
2 days ago
Hazmat Geiger Yo, where da "rock candy" at?
HuffPost Politics "It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president."
2 days ago
CNN Nicknamed "Rowdy," he was known for wearing a kilt outside the ring, entering to bagpipe music and his frenetic, big mouth.
Roddy Piper, wrestling 'bad guy,' dies at 61
"I extend my deepest condolences to his family," Vince McMahon said.
2 days ago
Marquis J Arnold Dusty Rhodes died. Now Rowdy Roddy Piper. This summer has been brutal for wrestling fans.
Daniel J. Ceballos Had great Charisma @ WWF. One of my favorite wrestlers in the 80s. Say hi to Adrian Adonis for us Piper !!! RIP
Mike Ryan Sad news Roddy was a great wrestler and entertainer he will be missed immensely...Condolences to his family.
Blake Morrow Pouring one out for Rowdy Roddy Piper. Wear your kilt and body slam someone tonight in his honor.
Nicky Fuller Thank you Roddy Piper you were one of the will be missed RIP
Benekin Jamal My fav wrestler... Loved when he hit supa fly snuka in the head with a coconut and whipped him with his belt. Hahahaha
Bunmi Idowu-Kuola RIP Roddy Piper. One of the greatest.
Maria Chiquita Aquino It was a pleasure to meet him in person. RIP RODDY PIPER GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Magambo Adika RIP Roddy, always liked watching you when I was growing up.
Sheikh Abdul Rhakhmahn This guy spiced up my WWE nights
The Acting Corps Our very own Rafi Silver is interviewed on Entertainment Weekly today about the new web series he co-wrote! Check out the interview here: And check out the web series here:https://www Read more ... Way to go Rafi!!
'Agent Carter' actor debuts new web series
What do you get when you combine Hollywood actors, satire, and contract killers? Hollywood Hitmen, a new web series written by actors Maximilian...
2 days ago
The Daily Beast He also called out his party and the GOP for contributing to an “unlimited political bribery.”
Jimmy Carter: America Is an ‘Oligarchy’
“Unlimited political bribery.”
3 days ago
Keith West One of the few, truly honest, political men left in America - Jimmy Carter...
Rafi Caroline Watch 'Citizen Koch' on Netflix. Overturn Citizens United! Vote for the only candidate refusing to accept PAC $ U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. #FeelTheBERN
Ellen Kowalski Definately!
Todd W Kingsley Indeed it is and I'm proud of him for calling it what it is.
Jacob Relkin (Unrated to this post) Fuck you, Jimmy Carter. I hope you acquire a debilitating illness and endure years of pain and suffering.
Abd Ar Rhman Hussien Egypy got ye same shit.
Ron Dodd Billy Beer
Jacob Renteria He's right for once .
Edward Ofori That is really brilliant. This is somebody who is saying it how he sees it
Don Schwobel It sure is!
Avicci Chai July 31st last year - Cpt Liran Adir, (31)- Ezuz; Staff Sgt. Noam Rosenthal, (20)- Meitar; Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Marash, (22)- Rishon LeZion; Capt. Omri Tal, (22)- Yehud; Staff Sgt. Shay Kushnir, (20)- Kiryat Motzkim. These young men died when a mort Read more ... ar was fired at their station post along the border with the Gaza Strip. July 31, 2002 - Nine people - four Israelis and five foreign nationals - were killed and 85 injured, 14 of them seriously, when a bomb exploded in the Frank Sinatra student center cafeteria on the Hebrew University's Mt. Scopus campus. The explosive device was planted inside the cafeteria, which was gutted by the explosion. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. The victims: David Diego Ladowski, 29, of Jerusalem; Levina Shapira, 53, of Jerusalem; Marla Bennett, 24, of California (US); Benjamin Blutstein, 25, of Pennsylvania (US); Dina Carter, 37, of Jerusalem (US); Janis Ruth Coulter, 36, of Massachusetts (US); David Gritz, 24, of Jerusalem (US-France). Daphna Spruch, 61, of Jerusalem died of her wounds on August 10. Revital Barashi, 30, died of her wounds on August 13.
Comprehensive Listing of Terrorism Victims in Israel | Jewish Virtual Library
Cyber encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture that covers everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism. It includes a glossary, bibliography of web sites and books, biographies, articles, original documents and much more!
3 days ago
Washington Post Style "What is clear, however, is that sexual harassment, assault and child pornography have become epidemics in the Vine and YouTube communities."
Inside the underage sex scandal that’s tearing Vine apart
"Social media celebrities” have been accused of 70 sexual assaults in the past year. Carter Reynolds is the lastest -- and he won't be the last, either.
3 days ago
Washington Post “I’m NOT a rapist,” he tweeted to his 2.4 million followers. “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”
Inside the underage sex scandal that’s tearing Vine apart
"Social media celebrities” have been accused of 70 sexual assaults in the past year. Carter Reynolds is the lastest -- and he won't be the last, either.
3 days ago
Wendy Sue Buckleman "The don't believe everything you read on the internet" - is so 1990s. People are aware of the Social Media hierarchy, because the major media is here now to show us what old fashioned editing and accountability is.
Stephen Karanja If he's white, he is
Tattoos, Hi I am Sarah I am 17 years old I live in USA I love making new friends please Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox You I promise
Valentina Putina there are a lot of guys that would be in jail, because girls who sleep with guys, while they are minors do not get in trouble, guys are labeled as rapists, whether they are or not, simply because girls do not care if they go to jail, think about that, Kylie Jenner fans.
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