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Jaymee Martin Wow only 2 more weeks until the big night!! Thank you to all who have donated so far; Donation sponsors Cindy and Barry Petsnick Helen and Claudio Defranceschi Smith RV Coull family Renee and frank martin RBC mortgage specialist Brenton hagberg Jo Read more ... nes and associates Vince Mirabelli from Remax 5 forks Kim Darosa RMT at Thunder Bay physiotherapy Carter Hutton Lorna and Scott MacAskill Port Arthur family dental- Laura earl Athletic club/movati Balance Chiro -Michelle Timms Makkinga contracting Dan and Amanda Horne Fringe- Ashton yawney Intertek Power centre T and T auto NYS Delucas Molson Central auto springs Dolostone assets (Recool) Danier transmission Eddy Lees Chinese
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Yu Shane Favour Playooooor
Top 100 Vince Carter Dunks
JUMP TO THE TOP 10 - 08:24 Vince Carter is widely considered to be one of the best dunkers of all time. While other ballers can do similar dunks, it's VC's s...
1 hour ago
MTV Get ready... Finding Carter is almost here!
'Finding Carter' Sneak Peek: Season 2 Will Kick Off With All Kinds Of Amazing
Watch the show's action-packed first act now!
11 hours ago
Raquel Azoulay Claudia Azoulay
BuzzFeed Entertainment Happy 45th birthday to Swingers, Wedding Crashers, Old School, and soon-to-be True Detective star, Vince Vaughn!
24 hours ago
Santos John Nañez Wait he's ONLY 45????? WTH!
Alesha Alvarez He's great. Wishing him the best!
Lillian Quintana Happy Birthday
Charlee Jarrett HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Diego Nava PiLy SaLazar shout, shout, shout!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa! Taran tara tara taran! Jajajaja
Chelsea Handley Devon Marie tall steed right there
Danny Troxell ERIN BURNETT WONDER WOMAN ... today ... I was watching the old reruns of Wonder Woman series with Lynda Carter ... OMG ! .. it struck me ! ...Erin Burnett is Lynda Carter .. WONDER WOMAN ! .. for real .. no fantasy .. no theory ... Erin has to be kin Read more ... or DNA linked to Lynda Carter ... is Erin Princess Diana of Themyscira ... OMG ! ... spitting image ... especially the body .. the eyes .. the curves ... forgive me .. but true ! ... take a look .. HAIL WONDER WOMAN OF CNN ! ... take a look and tell me I am wrong .. I am not ... MORE WINE ! .. make it Merlot please .. but tonite is white wine ... it is Vignoles ... sweet white wine ...
Wonder Woman Movie Trailer FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Wonder Woman played by Lynda Cart...
1 day ago
Daily Mail Should we call her Helena Bonkers-Carter?
Helena Bonham-Carter educated her children in the womb with Mozart
The quirky actress said both her children were born alert, clever and relaxed after she repeatedly played them the classical concertos of Mozart whilst they were in the womb.
1 day ago
Shaun Clark She's a legend ! Bonkers or not ! I love her !
24 Hours 24 Pictures Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. –Eleanor Roosevelt
Jean Campbell Collen I don't think she's bonkers at all. Far better for her unborn babies to hear Mozart concertos in the womb than some of the noise that passes for music today!
Sunny James Toppo a child in the women can hear music... and classical music is known to sooth them down
Paul Jeremy She's a freethinker. Nothing wrong with that.
Sam Lansley Ne Chalk I did it with my daughter and she is now in all the top sets at school, Helena is her hero and she would love to work with her if she ever got the chance.
Carlos Gonçalves da Cunha call her what you will, but the ear develops in the fetus long before birth, and classical music is known to have a soothing and positive overall effect.
Judi Murphy Yep I educated mine with Queen. Led zeplin. Rolling Stones. There is no finer pre birth education than music
Peter Jones No, I think she has a point.
John A. Brennan She is bang on absolutely right.....George Harrison's mum did the same. She played mystical Hindu music all the time he was in the womb and later in his life he mastered the Sitar, Tabla and many other exotic instruments..
MTV Don't miss our all-day Finding Carter marathon!
2 days ago
Are-Fieq SlamBer Assalamualaikum MTV :) Status awak memang cenggini arrhh (Y) . Apit suka dengan Status awk . Kalau ada masa singgah laa pulak dekat wall Apit . Tuh pun kalau ada masa laaa :) Buat laa jugak CLOSE FRIEND dekat apit :) Niat Apit just nak tegur and berkawan jew . Apit tak pakse . Hope tak SOMBONG dengan Apit ;) :* :)
Shah Zaib
Gawker This guy shouldn't be in charge of anything computer-related.
The People Protecting Our Country Are Old and Clueless
It's a cliche: the frighteningly out-of-touch congressman, too old and removed from the world to form legislation that could help it. But it's also real life, and watching Rep. John Carter of Texas try to grapple with computer security is funny until Read more ... it's scary and sad.
2 days ago
OMG Texts Hi <3 <3 My Name Is Emily >:( >:( No One >:( likes my page will you please (y) it you will never regret >:( it because _"Text is the sound of Heart"_ <3 I just need 10 likes a day to keep my page open 1 like = 1 help
Keith Berry No, Emily. Speaking for everybody, the answer is no.
Brandi Nate Hill Being elected by the old and clueless but they are the only ones to vote
Latoya Booker Yep
Jess Kalinowsky Old is an un-necessary word. Clueless yes! Ignorant yes. 100 other Yes's. But ageism should not be part of the equation.
Sue V. Nieves Now that is sad & scary!
Charlene Sleeper That's because of how politics work in this country. It's a popularity contest and the average voter buys the bullshit dished out by the government.
Michael J. McConville Yes they are!!!!!
Ricardo Anthony Cruz-Ramirez Jr. Like Reid and Pelosi
Barent Wagar No Republican from Texas should be allowed to vote, let alone hold office of any kind.
Business Insider From hippie commune to multimillionaire.
The crazy, wind-powered life of Dale Vince, Britain's richest hippie
He is also famous for his legal spats.
3 days ago
Un jour, je serais lhéroïne de ton coeur je m'ennuis :’( Je ferais un texte mignon a tout ce qui aime la page *o* <3
Maitse Mokemane Nice.
MTV Get all caught up with Finding Carter before the season two premiere on Tuesday!
Get Ready For 'Finding Carter' Season Two With This Animated Recap
Catch up on Carter's life and get ready for season 2 of the show, premiering Tuesday at 10/9c. season 1
3 days ago
Bella Perry lol
Shah Zaib
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