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Carl Passant JessieGary I've seen a few of these I over the past few months but someone put them together. This is the kind of shite you like
Pablo Cortez Briana Ramirez lol
Washington Post Using the hashtag #WomenBetrayed, activists have been fueled by undercover investigative videos: “A lot of the activism hasn’t taken place in the era of Twitter. A new generation has put women up front and center.”
How the Planned Parenthood videos set off a renewed wave of activism on abortion
The last time the issue fueled antiabortion activists to a similar degree was probably in 2011.
Nicole Barabas Here's a suggestion: if you don't like abortion, don't have one. That's the whole point of choice.
Lori Poapteps HER UTERUS HER RULES. Pro-Choice, Pro-Women's Rights.
Anthony Yang If you consider a fetus to be a life, what's next, criminalizing miscarriages?
Stephanie Chastain This activism is against women, their freedom to remain childless, their presence in the workforce, and it reinforces the historic domination of men over female sexuality.
Evee Vann Moon The anti choice people even admit they want women to suffer. Women deserve to die for having sex in their messed up dogma, we're honestly letting these zealots take over our country.
Amy Mickelson Halterman Seriously? This is not about choice, it is about what Planned Parenthood is doing with the aborted babies. It's barbaric!!
Clarese Portofino Shrill prolife activists won't change my mind, i stand with planned parenthood.
Meghan Carcionne Ask abortion providers how many patients of theirs knew about the clinic because they used to protest outside.
Jerry Kaufman Abortion is the murder of innocent, unborn children
Lauren Harc “A lot of the activism hasn’t taken place in the era of Twitter. A new generation has put women up front and center.” Totally false, there has been a lot of activity in the pro life camp, with a success that many have found annoying. Carson isn't some opportunist using the tapes, this is his stance and has been.
msnbc Investigators say they hope the videos will help dispel rumors that Bland was dead in her mugshot.
New Sandra Bland footage released
Investigators have released hours of footage of Sandra Bland.
25 minutes ago
Emily Comaduran Is that her jail cell? If so, wouldn't they also have footage of her committing suicide? Also, doesn't that mean they're monitoring the cells? Just asking.
Nancy Rittenberry Bonager Seevers Agree.....I watched the video of her being pulled over, that cop was wrong.
Joe Corbett Everything except the murder.
Luis Fernando Da Silva Costa This doesn't prove anything! She was good and well when she made the phone call to her sister from jail. All happened after the fact, when the camera stopped rolling. No footage of them taking the mugshots? No footage of her in the actual cell she was found dead in???? IF YOU'VE SEEN THE FOOTAGE PLEASSSSSSE!! POST TO THIS RESPONSE INSTEAD OF TROLLING!
Elaine Tihen Yeah, where is the footage of her hanging herself? If they have this, then she was under survaillance, so where's the tape?
Annalee Peters Oswald Why didn't they release it before this. They've been busy editing everything. What a cover up.
Renard Prather After all this time,they could have edited the video to show anything they want.
Nate Soto Dont see to trash can on her cell.
Jasmine Aeisha Jones She shouldn't have been in jail in the first place.
Mark Ross If the Narrative dosent fit. It ain't legit.
Jules Marshall SOUTHPAW movie review
SOUTHPAW movie review
DING! DING! GingerClips reviews Southpaw. Subscribe and see more videos by GingerClips here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzAa6vWef82ad0F85i4sWrA Content...
37 minutes ago
The Daily Beast Appalling.
Hulk Hogan Slams Obama Over N-Word
The ex-wrestler, who was caught on videos saying very racist things and is persona non grata at the WWE, retweeted a boneheaded tweet Sunday night about Obama’s use of the N-word.
43 minutes ago
Darrin Johnson Apples & Oranges... The president was speaking a social matter Hogan was speaking off an emotional rant... Own your shit.. BROTHER!
Jay Sab First Bill Cosby, now Hulk Hogan, let's just destroy the 80's.
Erin Nadeau Someone needs to take away his internets.
Gregg Jabarisidiki Hulk Hogan has s problem or he could just be a dumb ass . His daughter can date who she wants he lived his life her live hers
Cynthia Haynes He needs to take that rag off his head and sit his ass down somewhere. If president Obama shoot himself in the head, is he gonna shoot himself in the head too?
Curtis A Boyle He needs to do his own damage control, do not open too many cans of worms ,
David Griffith How clever hulk hogan is
Jay Walder Leave this guy alone.
Philip Moreau This sounds a lot like yesterday's news.
Alberto Forero Hogans bandanna is on too tight...
TechCrunch Is it time to digitize those family photos?
Legacy Republic Acquires Yarly To Build Up Its Workforce For Digitizing Family Photos
Legacy Republic, which is building a freelance workforce to help families digitize their photos and videos, just acquired competitor Yarly. Digitization..
2 hours ago
The New York Times - Lens - Photography What is the secret to a long life? The Times is looking for your videos. Upload to Instagram with the hashtag #NYTlonglife.
New York Today
Do you know someone who is 85 years or older? It could be you, a relative, friend or stranger. As part of our series on life at 85 and beyond, The Times is asking readers to shoot a 15-second video asking someone 85 and older one question: What is t Read more ... he secret to a long life? It's not an easy question, but something we all could learn from. Please post your video on Instagram with the person's name, age and hometown and tag your post #NYTlonglife. We might select your video to include in a future larger project on nytimes.com. The deadline is Aug. 31.
2 hours ago
HuffPost Politics Hear that, Congress?
3 hours ago
Rick Buck America wants REAL answers and NOT just sting videos-get to the bottom of things..See complete vids and make informed decisions please
Ronald Bruce Robinson The sting video is more proof that the G in GOP stands for Goebbels.
Caroline Ryan-Hunter we need planned parenthood on every corner like banks and circle K.. The education and services they afford woman are essential! Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dick..lol
Michelle Perry Tired of the GOP witch hunt on Planned Parenthood. The program gives young Americans a place to turn and get informed. Which is a complete contradiction to what the GOP wants, which is to keep them all afraid and uneducated!
Deborah Geary I will ALWAYS support Planned Parenthood.
Hatshepsutportia Avery This should've been expected since the videos were proven to be edited and falsified in order to help discontinue funding for planned parenthood.
Frances Sotardi b/c 95% of what PP does helps all women & the 5% of what they do is LEGAL but offends those who should have no say in what a woman does with her body.
Landis Marks all in all without the harm reduction efforts of Planned Parenthood the number of abortions would probably go up.
Tim Weber Planned Parenthood is being aborted as we speak!
Margaret Benise-Kissell no we don't. I didn't need a "sting" video to tell me murdering babies is wrong. So, it's ok to murder babies so long as we don't sell the parts? really?!!! Did it really matter whether they sold the parts or not? THEY MURDERED BABIES!!!! omg people get real. oh and all the liberal sting videos of Mitt and cops are ok? hypocrits.
Wanda Ruth Umstead-Meadows Just read the article re: Sandra Bland, something within me just knows that she did not kill herself(whether she "looked like it or not"). When I saw the videos- especially the one with the plastic noose-my gut reaction was,- that sister was murdered Read more ... . God has an all- seeing eye-and what ever happened justice will prevail because HE says "vengeance is mine, I will repay." To the family you have my deepest sympathy... Just remember 2 Cor. 1:3-4, GoD is the God of ALL COMFORT
4 hours ago
Doug Lauber I would like to see a list of all Vice videos, for example EVERY dispatch from the excellent 'Russian Roulette' series. Dispatches 1 thru 112?
4 hours ago
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