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MTV You do you, Jaden Smith.
4 days ago
Dave Quinn I don't need to read the article, he wore the batman suit for attention. Which is pretty disrespectful considering it was a wedding... Even though it was Kanye and Kim's wedding.
Angel Mendez Rivera C'mon guys. It's batman suit. No big deal. He's a kid. It would have been bad if a 30 year old person wore a bikini to the wedding. But a kid wearing batman suit? That happens everyday everywhere.
Amanda Quezada Who cares about this lost boy.... and his reasons, we get it you're rich and bored so you dont have to follow the normal rules of life...
DaNny FuZz SoLo cause ur a kid we know, i wore a spiderman costume to fifth grade once ^_^
Annie Edwards i like his style, and i how that he's different. idk y people talk about him, he seems like a chill dude.
Cherise Brown I'm sorry. He is a bit odd.
Calvin Thiago If he wanted to protect them, he could've just given Kanye a condom. No need to make a show of yourself.
Jody Moulton Nobody cares
Amanda Ferrell Yeah bc he is going to be able to be able to protect anyone. His ego is huge.
Brett Knapp He is a good kid.
The Huffington Post You can even hail a car with a camera and postcards to write to LGBT youth.
Uber Has A New Look To Celebrate Marriage Equality
You can now hail a rainbow. In celebration of LGBT pride month, ride-hailing service Uber updated icons on its app to include rainbows -- the international symbol of gay pride -- shooting out behi
5 days ago
Ross Danbruen Are they going to do something about the disturbingly often reports of clearly homophobic drivers?
True Poizon Marriage is an institution of the Church recognized by the government for the purpose of legal protections of the spouses and potential children. It does not belong to the government to redefine on the whims of popular opinion. Marriage came before government. -----Our nation took a wrong turn back in the 60's when we forgot the meaning of the word liberty. Liberty is not the freedom to do what ever you want (that's "Licentiousness"). Liberty is the freedom to do only the good. Licentiousness is the freedom to do that which is evil. ------That is why we have laws, or we'd become a lawless society. Our constitution wasn't written to guarantee licentiousness, but to guarantee liberty. ------For the sake of tolerance and a fear of being judgmental (political correctness), we have blinded ourselves to the fact that there is good and there is evil and have become a nation of licentiousness instead of a nation of "liberty". A nation where too many won't take responsibility for their actions. ------I know many left wingers don't like God until he speaks for the poor, but only God can define marriage, and he already has defined it as one man and one woman. Even Jesus said so in Matthew.. -------No I dont support Republicans because of their economics, but Social liberal areas do have higher divorce rates than social conservative areas. Conservatives tend to want family and marriage, whereas liberals tend to want to party it up until something goes wrong, then beg the government for help and not take responsibility. ------And Hollywood? How many actors in Hollywood have actually been happily married for a long time? Very few. You dont have to look hard at Hollywood to see that they are incredibly liberal. -------I will side with my Catholic Church which has been around for 2000 years and still going strong for a reason. I know Liberals love to bash the handful of priests who made stupid decisions (yet call themselves the party of tolerance), but let's not judge all priests based off a few bad ones. --------This is not about being a bigot (understand the term before using it). This ruling has everything to do with the people. This is about the value of family, marriage and religion going down the drain, which it is. Liberals love to talk "progressive", but America is getting worse and worse with high homicide, suicide, divorce, abuse (so much for progressive). Liberals always want more give me give me.. --------Now, will liberals demand that 40 year olds can marry 12 year olds because love is love? Will churches get sued for refusing to marry gays? Will priests get sent to courts? Soon enough, will the taxpayers have to pay for women to abort innocent babies? We all saw what happened to the bakery in Indiana.. -------As with anything in politics, this is merely just a way to serve the rich. Divorce lawyers are loving this decision (actually lawyers in general). And before you bash Republicans as being on the wrong side of history, remind yourself who won the 2014 mid terms
Kay Gordon-Blackman So full of joy over this!
JoAnna McClenathan Eric, have you seen this?
Peace & Love As you grow older, you will start to understand more and more that in life, it's not about what you look like or what you own, it's all about the person you've become.
Cris Villanova Bahala kayo Sa Buhay niñyo Kay gabinoang Kamo
Dio Juliano https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6K9dS9wl7U
Doug Whitmore Lyft was on this much earlier today!
Ismail Aoutoul hgfh
The Law of Attraction/ The Secret "I think that the best day will be when we no longer talk about being gay or straight -- it’s not a 'gay wedding,' it’s just a ‘wedding,'" - Pink
Crisostomo Arada MESSAGE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN THE YEAR 2016: THE COMING LAST SONA OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES “UPON THIS ROCK, I WILL BUILT MY CHURCH” (Prophesy in the Philippines in the Presidential Elections based in Philipp Read more ... ine Context & History) This message and concerns being the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE for the coming NATIONAL & LOCAL ELECTIONS 2016 into the PHILIPPINE CONTEXT & HISTORY for the world to know is actually to be informed why we have the PROPHESY IN THE PHILIPPINES in the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2016. It is true that “UPON THIS ROCK, I WILL BUILT MY CHURCH,” as far as our RISEN LORD JESUS being his chosen witnessed and sent to bring the GOOD NEWS is actually starting to make a NEW HISTORY as we are in the 21st Century of the THIRD MILLENNIUM. For the true Spirit of being chosen and sent as witnessed of our RISEN LORD JESUS inside the Eucharist year 1991-1992 at Poiano, Verona, Italy is a call and not to forget that it happened into the FEAST OF THE SOLEMNITY OF CHRIST THE KING wherein it is JESUS who is the rock himself whose preaching and teaching, that is the Gospel sustains the building. This message being the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2016 if we will look back in our HIGHEST LEADERS of the Nation before and after the EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION after the MARCOS LEADERSHIP for 20 years as we look back in our HISTORY & CONTEXT we need to have a SOLID FOUNDATION to what is more significant and important in our lesson of the past as far as our Filipino people is concerned or even to choose a leader by the majority votes in the National & Local Elections compared of what we are actually being confused for we have a repeated or two EDSA REVOLUTION of 1986 and 2001. With this, what SOLID FOUNDATION we need that is to be considered as building, is built on the rock is the reason why we have the PROPHESY IN THE PHILIPPINES 2016 to follow the WILL OF GOD as far as PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2016 is concerned. We have actually cases from our former leaders/or highest leaders of those who became PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES as lesson of the past why they are actually being involved in the scandals or sensitive issues in their terms of office for six (6) years and that is due for they are not aware about the abuses and violations under the true Spirit of our Philippine Constitution, Having a SOLID FOUNDATION being PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2016 as far as this message is concerned dedicated and having devotion to OUR MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP means we have to humbly accept our faults and failures and learn to move on in order to avoid or again to repeat the same acts of the abuses or violations under the RULE OF LAW of any Highest Leaders since we are conducting a GOOD TRANSITION OF OFFICE and given for six (6) year terms as far as our PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES is concerned especially that our beloved HIS EXCELLENCY BENIGNO SIMEON AQUINO III on this 27th day of July will deliver of his LAST SONA is actually lesson to all of us why we have the LEGITIMATE LEADER that is actually important being majority voted of the FILIPINO PEOPLE under our Philippine Constitution as mandated by law. It means let us be serious if we need a SOLID FOUNDATION in our Philippine Context and History in terms of our HIGHEST LEADER of our nation for our next generations and to our new generations of today for we need to be patient enough and deeply understand of reading the signs of the time either we are in the militant groups or any leaders of the different sectors of our society or even to our political leaders or Church and State leaders that we are actually learned the lesson of the past of not just to OUST our HIGHEST LEADER or not to finish his/her terms of office just to conduct and call for a PEOPLE POWER or REVOLUTION as far as our LEGITIMATE LEADERS are concerned. For we can only remove any of our HIGHEST LEADER from their office through and based for LEGAL MATTER or ACTION WITH LEGALITY as far as we lived since then in the sovereign and democratic society or government in our nation as lesson of the past that is to learned why under the true Spirit of the Law we need to have with high respect about the proper due process of the law even we are calling to let them to resign or to remove from their office as HIGHEST LEADER of the nation. This is why we have to learn and be informed why pastoral visitation is being done every year as far as I am concerned visiting the Chancery Office of the Archbishop of Manila and even to the Office of the PRESIDENT of the Republic of the Philippines in the Malacanang Palace since then after the EDSA REVOLUTION of 2001. Being PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE on this 2016 the visitation is actually clear being brought the GOOD NEWS and in order to maintain and even to have a SOLID FOUNDATION of how to avoid the destabilization attempt to OUST any HIGHEST LEADER or either the PRESIDENT if they are having the scandals or sensitive issues in his/her terms of office for six (6) years. For it is not proper or even to OUST our LEGITIMATE LEADER that are voted by the majority of our Filipino People as lesson of the past without finishing the six (6) year terms even if the grounds is actually with legal basis for the removal of office or for voluntary resignation is also we need to respect our CONSTITUTED AUTHORITIES in order to conduct the due process of the law for even after the terms of office of our HIGHEST LEADERS we had actually the time at the same time an example of how they will still to face the TRIALS under the RULE OF LAW that is to make the issues and scandals to to be clear and to know the TRUTH for it is the only way to erase all of the allegations against to our HIGHEST LEADER or our PRESIDENT after his/her terms of office. Let us PRAY and thanking GOD as far as ATTEMPT OF OUSTING our LEGITIMATE LEADER is now have a concrete example based on the issues and scandals in our PHILIPPINE CONTEXT & HISTORY like of former PRESIDENT GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO even there is a GARCI TAPE SCANDAL or other sensitive issues are now in the due process of the law. Much more to what is happening in our present situation as far as our beloved HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT BENIGNO SIMEON AQUINO, III of his terms of office for six (60 years in terms of the proper use of the PDAF & DAP and other issues that involved to what is happening in our nation why we are now being aware of the LAW and not just to call for a revolution or to conduct PEOPLE POWER REVOLT just to easily remove or oust any of our HIGHEST LEADER of the Land. CRISOSTOMO TANGLAO ARADA, MA Former Professor/ Teacher – Year 1987-1989/1995-1997 (ICC College Department) Former Archdiocesan Seminarian Year 1982-1985(Lipa) / 1989-1992(Roma) Graduate of Liberal Arts Major in English – Year 1989 M.A. Units in Education Major in Administration, Management & Supervision-2002-2003 Graduate of M.A. in Theology Major in Pastoral Ministry – (SVD Theological Seminary, Tagaytay City) Year 2003-2006 Former Municipal Councilor – Year 2004-2007 Presently Administrator of ASAI Agency President of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Choir (SHJC)
5 days ago
HuffPost Science & Tech You can now hail a rainbow.
Uber Has A New Look To Celebrate Marriage Equality
You can now hail a rainbow. In celebration of LGBT pride month, ride-hailing service Uber updated icons on its app to include rainbows -- the international symbol of gay pride -- shooting out behi
5 days ago
Mic Once again, these two prove that there're legends — for all the right reasons.
7 days ago
Willie J Outler huh dont u have to be around for a minute to be a legend, #oldschool n yes i am little bitter over that legend line ,,, , lol
Jeff Kurtz They're*, unless you meant to shorten "there are" which is just weird and doesn't make much sense when trying to be specific to two people. #grammarpolice
Scott Kistner Meha Jeremy Luuuuuv IT
Mike Flaco Zayas Vijay Dhillon
Lifehacker This is probably our first featured desktop on a Chromebook:
The Chromebook Yosemite Desktop
Paul’s desktop might look like it’s a Mac, but it’s actually running on his Chromebook Pixel. With a little customization and some new icons, he’s made it his own, and it looks great. Here’s how he tweaked it.
7 days ago
Bobby Webster Sighhhh my favorite driver may have to change. Why open his mouth? Ohhh now I hear that NASCAR has protested the flag several times so this maybe a past sport I enjoyed so much and traveled to see. Thanks America!
Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jr. both opposed Confederate flag
Two NASCAR icons have taken strong stances against the Confederate flag.
8 days ago
Nick Gael Sign the petition to have a racist monument dedicated to a slave owning General removed. https://www.facebook.com/CSA.government/posts/888432257889069?comment_id=888434364555525¬if_t=like
Mashable - Entertainment And who says knowing a lot about apps is useless?
Woman's knowledge of app icons helps her win major cash on Fox's 'Boom!'
Watch a clip from the upcoming series premiere of Fox's game show, 'Boom!'
8 days ago
MTV You do you, Jaden Smith.
8 days ago
Jack Smith How can this article be real if our eyes aren't real?
Uwe Schreiber I love Chicken
Ashley Hansen Leave the kid alone. He isn't doing anything wrong in this life.
Jeromy Arroyo Who cares?
Andrea Gomez-Nero Whhhooooo cares
Jennifer Korvina Who cares cut that nappy hair
Tyler Brown Fake gay stupid, I plead the 5th! Over ruled! Objection!
Brandon J Henderson mmmm donuts
Andrew Danger Chupp The Smith's suck
Pretty Boii Rico Clown
The Daily Beast Jaden Smith recently revealed his style icons are Batman, Nightwing and Kanye West.
Jaden Smith Wears a Dress and Becomes Unlikely Ambassador for Gender Equality
The 16-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith casually and confidently wears a dress, instantly putting on blast decades of lingering gender hypocrisy in fashion.
8 days ago
Meredith Scott-Conley That is a tunic. And he's the ambassador of being spoiled. And this is an old ass story.
Gabriel Leal He is NOT the ambassador of gender equality. There are better men and women than this attention starved brat.
David L. Broome Need a way to block references to 'Jayden Smith' from social media. Please help!
Tuomas Riikonen Ambassador of douchebaggery! :D
Thomas A Chapa And I wore a thong, yet nothing changed.
Nynah Logterman There were times when girls couldn't wear anything but below-the-knee dresses or skirts to school when the majority of us wanted to wear pants. That's the past. If he wants to dress in the way he feels most comfortable, let it be.
Michael Dean How many times are you going to re-post this story?!!!
Alex Latini Talk about privileged.
Chris Bartron Dress.? Looks like a long polo shirt
Patrick Ngoma Garcia PAC used to fuck with my Moms since they were in art school, and my dad will didn't tell me about that great story.
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