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Jean-Luc Lambs Well here goes! Since Thursday last week , I have been surviving on 2-3 hours a day sleep and only today i really got a catch up , so i am able to write this post , the last few day have been really tiring , my body has been getting the shakes , I fe Read more ... lt drunk without the alcohol and my body was seriously breaking down. Why do i do this to myself you ask? My answer to that is DOUDOULE! This event that only happens once a year is my present to the dance community around the World for the joy the community has given me , we seriously are privileged to have discovered this World of Dance and the people in it , so why not make it grow and make this family grow even bigger Of course I can not make this happen all on my own , you just need to many hands on deck to put so many smiles on everyone faces , so I'm going to say a few Thank You's and I would like everyone reading this post to read it to the end please First of all a HUGE Thank You to Rhi and all the volunteers who seriously as volunteers work harder than any volunteers i have seen at any event , you guys are the back bone to DouDouLe and you treat it as tho it is your own , if i won the lotto , i wld seriously pay you all. Thank You to those behind the scene like James Quinn-Hawtin , Bella , Tina , Beatrix , Vince , Jennifer , Naomi , Yazmin , Click Photo Booth Australia , Frank , HElios Ka , Elisabeth , Tamara Csaba Szirmai Sharon Pakir for your passion and belief in me and what i stand for , your help is priceless and all I can say is THANK YOU! Thank You to all the schools and teachers who promoted DouDouLe , taught at DouDouLe and took their schools to experience what Dancing is all about Also all the performers who entertained the crowd , we seriously have awesome talent here in Oz and as a community we are all very proud. Thank you to all the DJs who kept both SALSA and ZOUK Dancers happy with the great music they played , we have some of the best in the country Debby , Roberto , Vince , Italo , Gurdeep , Amit and Alisson and also for assisting with tech rehearsals. Sound equipment like every year was supplied by Vince and Jennifer who do a great job with the scene. Thank You to all the photographers and videographers who give everyone so many great memories that will last a life time I know how much work goes into it and you guys were all amazing. Thank You to Mother Nature who really kept everyone together indoors , so we cld get to know each other even more intimately Even the rain could not dampen the weekend. Thank You to my good friends and my family for constant support and for always being behind me no matter how silly and crazy my ideas i come up with are I can't forget to say a Huge Thank You to everyone who came along to DouDouLe to support this event and who believe in my visions of Sharing the Love under 1 roof! You are a part of the reason why we make this event happen. Your support is so much appreciated and I hope you will always continue to support DouDouLe for as long as i can afford to put it on for you. Thank You to the Tallebudgera centre for giving us a great venue , close to airport , to the beach and providing all the dancers everything they need to have, for a awesome weekend. Thank You to Knzo , Zerjon and Nina for your knowledge , your talent and most of all your personalities that come with such a big heart , which everyone could feel. You guys made it that much more Special Thank You to Tony BachataWhisperer Lara for directing me to these guys and just for being a friend pre DouDouLe and during and i know forever I have not mentioned everyone individually as there is way to many people and if I have forgotten anybody , i do apologise , I'm still exhausted and my brain is not functioning , not that it ever did hahaha Please everyone for next year , help promote this event to all your friends , so we can continue to have DouDouLe , do this by sharing my links , telling your dance friends , students etc and always remember , this is not my event , it is yours!!! Share the Love Jean-Luc
16 minutes ago
Smugglaz Ikapito My Brother Tao Xien How with the homies! #GoodMusicParengXienHow #BrotherFromAnotherMother
Royalty - Life Coordinates - Featuring Equipto and Vince Price
Artist - Life Coordinates - (XienHow & Canibal Lecture) Music Can be found here: Featured Arti...
19 minutes ago
Dominic Germano Vince Neil of Motey Crüe Rocks out with the Cherry Bombs At MainGate Nightclub for official Motley Crüe After party!
20 minutes ago
Joshua D. Hall I'm not one to usually post promo videos but this one really hit home to me. I'll admit openly that I'm a Paul heyman guy but this really helped drive it home for me. I agree 100% and I believe today more and more wrestlers and fans alike would also Read more ... agree with Paul heyman.
Howl Promo - Paul Heyman & Vince McMahon
November 15th 2001. Classic promo now soundtracked.
23 minutes ago
Vince Gallegos
Lord Infamous - Anyone Out There
Lord Infamous - Anyone Out There
30 minutes ago
Fuwowoy Vujaper Bigboy Skate Ralph M. Atienza
Royalty - Life Coordinates - Featuring Equipto and Vince Price
Artist - Life Coordinates - (XienHow & Canibal Lecture) Music Can be found here: Featured Arti...
32 minutes ago
Vince Gianna
The Cure - Pornography
A hand in my mouth A life spills into the flowers We all look so perfect As we all fall down In an electric glare The old man cracks with age She found his l...
1 hour ago
Vince Verdi
Pat Metheny plays Masada - Sariel [Tap. Book of Angels Vol 20]
Pat Metheny - Tap (Book Of Angels Vol. 20) - 2013. TZADIK. I do not own rights of this video.
1 hour ago
Vince I've never been the best at honesty, I've made more mistakes than i can't even count. but things are gonna be so different now, You make me wanna turn it all around ~ i think of all the games that i have played, The unsuspecting people that I've hear Read more ... d deep inside i know i dont deserve.
1 hour ago
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WWE Stock Holders Misled On WWE Network Price Claims Lawsuit, Vince McMahon Plans More WWE Layoffs
The WWE stock price may have recovered somewhat in the lead up to SummerSlam 2014, but now a class action lawsuit is alleging that WWE stock holders may have been misled by Vince McMahon and the WWE management. In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s believed that the WWE Monday Night RAW video taping
2 hours ago
Tony Soprano
Showbiz legend Bruce Forsyth is to get a knighthood in the Queen's June birthday honours. WITH Aquaman a massive hit, the movie world is Vince's oyster.
7 hours ago
WWE News: Vince McMahon And Triple H Finally Agree On WrestleMania 31 Plans
When it comes to the WWE, one man has always had the final say, his name is Vince McMahon. Known as one of the best promoters of any kind in history, McMahon bought the WWWF from his father Vince McMahon, Sr. decades ago. He re-branded the promotion into the WWF and pushed away the territory
14 hours ago
Dunk History: Vince Carter leaps over 7-foot-2 Frederic Weis
The former New York Knicks first-round pick's NBA legacy remains being the victim of this stunning slam.
15 hours ago
Positional Strength: How the Maverick 2-guards compare in the Western Conference
Editor's note: This is part two of a five-part series breaking down the Mavericks at each position, as compared to the rest of the Western Conference. You could argue that the Mavericks have only one "true" shooting guard on their 15-man roster: Ricky Ledo. As positional roles morph in today's NBA, neither of these three fit the classic mold but clearly give Carlisle the most flexibility when ...
1 day ago
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