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10 hours ago
I do, thanks to @theskimm!! http://www.theskimm.com/?r=e15e2c0e
John Damianos Sydney Allard oh boy...
NBC News FIFA boss Sepp Blatter called for "unity" and "team spirit" after this week's corruption scandal that has tainted his reign and prompted calls for his resignation. Read more here: http://nbcnews.to/1HWyoB9
11 hours ago
Kathy Mittge How about unity in prison and team spirit on the big yard?
Sharon Medallion He doesn't has blood in his face shame of you !!!! If you don't know what your worker are doing you are not for the president of FIFA if you know what your workers are doing you are the head of your thieves as simple as that!!!
Damien Maynard Wait until the U.S. Government is exposed, it will shock the globe.
Floyd M. Little I dont want to hear this BS. STEP down all the people under you have excepted bribes in a grand total of 150 million dollars. 17 years of your currupt activities its time for you to GO, ASAP!
Kenutocr Ac FIFA must be dismantled ...It is a corrupted and world wide influential monster (More than UN) and its time should be up
Miguel Granillo-Córdova Sad part is that this clown is overlooking the fact that there is corruption going on in his administration. He just want to sweep it under the rug and move one, not with the FBI and DOJ involved you are not.
Fredo Rodriguez God I hope this guy goes down!!!
Dara Conner I don't get how he isn't being investigated himself.
Barbara Chester You know where you can shove that unity and team spirit don't you?
David Meserve If he didn't know - he should have
TIME TLC might try to focus on the show's newlyweds.
TLC Could Be Mulling a "19 Kids and Counting" Spinoff
Advertisers are leaving the show after the Josh Duggar scandal
11 hours ago
Moriquenda Jones TLC should change it's name to TPN: the pedophile network.
Cassandra Bloomer Can't we just move on from these people? The daughters are pregnant. Women have babies every day, doesn't mean we need to give them all a show. This family has been on the air long enough. It's time for them to make money a different way. Like... Maybe getting jobs like the rest of America. -_-
Barbara Anne I think maybe it's time for the world to stop focusing on huge families like they are some kind of sideshow. Maybe focus on actually teaching something on THE LEARNING CHANNEL.
Peggy Schmid No!!!!! Boycott this entire family.
Tony Kerkett 5 Sisters And Touching
Peggy Schmid Anyone who even considers watching this show should seek professional mental health services.
Ashley Proctor THey don't get it... We do not want the Duggars anymore.
Lynn Hildebrand Harrington Why? So they can show the world how proud they are that they can finally screw like bunnies by popping out a baby every year? I think this family probably sets women back at least 50 years!
The Law of Attraction/ The Secret “Give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction” - Wallace D. Wattles
Sterling Blevins When did TLC change from education oriented programming?
Business Insider If Sepp Blatter is reelected as president of FIFA, England will boycott the FIFA World Cup.
England threatens to boycott the 2018 World Cup over the FIFA corruption scandal
FA boss Greg Dyke has backed a boycott over the FIFA corruption scandal.
11 hours ago
Tony Leto They probably wouldn't qualify anyway
Avesta Pira Other countries should join them, time for a revolution in world football!!
Hafez Ahammed Sumon If any country boycott WC..... their football will destroy itself.
John Fewings For once, England takes the right stance.
Minko Govedarov As far as I know the English football league spins more money than any other football league in the world, so what they do in football DOES matter.
Frank Roche Alibi or not, it happened on his watch. Prince Ali for president!
Patrick Hung Putinpolitik may sabotage a proper tourney getting on anyways. I look forward to the final match between Russia and Belarus
Lukyamuzi Solomon let them boycott apart from noise what else do they export to world cup.no football just noise
Joseph Munalula It would be good riddance
Nancy Rah Hehe, if they qualify to World Cup , I don't think so ;)
Vanity Fair The Daily Show takes down the FIFA scandal in one short segment.
Jon Stewart Jokes that the 24 Year-Old FIFA Scandal Started a Whole “Jennifer Lawrence Ago”
He also breaks down why the D.O.J. chose now to act on the widespread corruption.
11 hours ago
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HuffPost Crime "I made this play because I need to do it. I need to say my side of the story."
Wife Of Sheriff Convicted Of Domestic Abuse Puts On Play To Tell Her Side
SAN FRANCISCO, May 27 (Reuters) - The wife of the San Francisco sheriff convicted of domestic abuse in a scandal that rocked the department is set to star in a...
12 hours ago
Daily Mail FIFA's shameless behaviour continues
FIFA corruption suspect Jack Warner parties after release from jail
And Blatter hints scandal only erupted because US and England were not awarded World Cups
12 hours ago
Caren Coventry FIFA Corruption has been common knowledge for decades in Oz. Same goes for the Olympic Committee, and any others you can think of.
Nadan Mehsood And i wonder that how did the shamless people participate in the party organized by such a corrupt official.
Nemibo Koko T Bonga bonga
Amur Kindy blatter has a point
Patrick M. Walsh Hammer them.
John Goss Whom to succeed Blatter? Only Anthony Charles Linton B.Liar of course.
Adam Collins Let's hope these corrupt vermin get sent down for a long time, they deserve to see their last days out rotting in a cramped prison cell..
Paul Huver U.S AND England also upset Russia will host the next one and are doing everything to wreck it
Robbie Loughlin And the king will seek another election. Bizarre.
Elmar Hagverdiyev Free political prisoners in Azerbaijan ( Leyla Yunus . Khadija İsmayil ).Boycotte Baku 2015 Games !
CNN International Sepp Blatter wants to leave a "clean house" when it comes to his FIFA legacy. But given the corruption scandal engulfing FIFA will he leave through the "front door?"
Sepp Blatter: Football's 'Mr Untouchable' - CNN.com
Sepp Blatter rises at dawn and goes to sleep 18 hours later. During his waking hours FIFA's 79-year-old president fulfills his duty as the most powerful man in world soccer, meeting the presidents, princes, dictators and oligarchs who seek reflected Read more ... glory from the world's most popular game.
12 hours ago
Ahmed Maher Longevity of Blatter in Fifa is as the longevity of our presidents in authority.
Veronica Ayanegui-Arnett FIFA needs someone new.
Delicia Legaspi Ad they say, history will decide???
Sangay S Tenzin Lets see how clean is most lucrative sport of the world.
Amanuel Zewdie Aaron VIVA Blater!
Byansi Peter ofcourse he will
Joshua Muriithi Gikonyo Maybe its time to for the dinosour to leave..
Paras Oza he is FOOTBALL'S #SRINIMAMA.... if you know what i mean.... :P
Modou Aissa Seye Those who refuse to go on time through the gate,will always stow away through a window.
Nkeonye Sunny O Blatter is clean? Greatest fallacy ever!
Huffington Post UK Wait a minute... FIFA
Someone Gave Sepp Blatter A New Job Title On Wikipedia
Sepp Blatter, the president of Fifa who refuses to step down despite the corruption scandal exploding around him, has been the victim of some creative editing on his Wikipedia page. HOW TO WATCH LI
12 hours ago
BuzzFeed News FIFA delegates will decide if they want Sepp Blatter to remain in charge or let Prince Ali bin al-Hussein take over.
15 hours ago
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